AppSmile Reviews: Monster Trucks Nitro

AppSmile writes: "Today we had the chance to sit down with the new RedLynx title Monster Trucks Nitro for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Originally released as a PC (and Mac) game, Monster Trucks put you in control of these giant vehicles on 24 tracks. The new iPhone version slims the track selection down to 8. It also introduces a new control method more suited to the iPhone - the Bubble Level Rotation control. The theory behind this control scheme is that the truck reacts to the rotation of the iPhone. The trucks do a nice job here. However, we found the actual view movement to be very jerky and frustrating. If you've played Cro-Mag Rally by Pangea, the view movement is similar. If you didn't mind it there, you should be happy with Monster Trucks Nitro. AppSmile hopes RedLynx fixes this flaw soon, because the rest of the game is we'll grounded."

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