Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Revealed

The Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs video game reunites fans with Scrat, Sid, Manny and Diego in an all-new quest based on the upcoming film from Twentieth Century Fox.

As the unlikely herd travels across the tundra and beyond, they stumble upon another world - a lush Dinosaur World teeming with jungles, mysterious plants, fierce dinosaurs, wild new adventures and several new friends.

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Anon19743486d ago

Oh! Wait. It's April Fools. This is a joke, right guys?


RedMist113486d ago

Unfortunately, this one ain't a joke ;)

kaelix3486d ago

not a joke... if you been to watch some movies recently they have been playing trailers for it with that squirrel for a while now.

jjesso19933486d ago

dont think this is april fools movie been in work since the last one came out his the imdb page