zConnection Apologises For April Fools

Connor Beaton writes: "I'd like to publicly apologise for the article I published early this morning regarding the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation Store's PSOne Classics service. The article was entirely false and was intended as an April Fools joke, but rapidly became out of hand. It was not intended to be taken seriously but I can see now the joke was made in poor taste.

I'd also like to give a special mention to N4G member kb8mvp81 here. The article found its way onto N4G, where gamers quickly began dismissing it, with kb8mvp81 believing he had found confirmation of this being a hoax in the name of the author, "CON or BEAT on". Well, kb8mvp81, unfortunately Connor Beaton is my real name. But congratulations on making me laugh!"

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-EvoAnubis-3487d ago

He had no need to apologize. He did something as a joke, some took it seriously, and they got got. That's what April Fools Day is all about. So, why's he apologizing that it worked?

Shadow Flare3487d ago

I forgot it was april fools and that other article's title literally blew my socks of and left sock shaped holes in my wall. Serious question though: Uh, why isn't square releasing FF7 on psn? Release FF7 on psn in HD, and include it with tons of trophies and square, you will make millions. And make millions happy

Professor Chaos3487d ago

He didnt need to say he was sorry. It is april fools day, and there are going to be a lot of false reports done. Blizzard didnt say sorry about the "World of StarCraft" from a while back. People just need to be able to take a joke.

locos853487d ago

Right now for some reason Square isn't doing the obvious thing to make them money. It's been 3 years and they haven't had a single release on the PS3, or I think PSN. They would make tons of money releasing PSX Classics on PSN, or even releasing one of their crappy games on the PS3. I don't know how they havent figured out the their fanbase is on PS3, especially when they aren't making any money on the 360.

Anon19743487d ago

I don't see why he should apologize. The game community should expect to have their legs pulled today. The trick will actually be sorting out any real news that might come out today.

TheTwelve3487d ago

...that being said, I'm thinking N4G will pretty much be useless today...haha


Montrealien3487d ago

I`ll still enjoy my original mint FFVII that plays just fine on my PS3. Why would people freak out so much, have they never had or played this game already?

Anyone who got mad when they found out it was not true is just plain (special).

Lifendz3487d ago

I'd rather jokes the way Gamepro used to do it. Make it an obvious section that's all parodies of existing games.

DOn't just take a real game and make a false announcement about it. What's the point in that? ALl this site did was ensure I, and others, will never go there.

-EvoAnubis-3487d ago

Is that supposed to be funny? You got got. Accept it, and move on. You should have known it was too close to April 1st to take anything to seriously. Did you also believe IGN's joke last year about the Legend of Zelda movie?

Bnet3433487d ago

It's too late to apologize ... I say it's too late to apologize ...eeyeaaaayeyeahhhhh six feet off the ground blah blah

Tony P3487d ago

People keep saying "it's not [zconnect's] fault people didn't get it". "People can't take a joke". If you read the comments section, the very first comment called it as false and pretty much everyone agreed.

Most everyone got it, it just wasn't funny.

The only funny part was when the article writer started defending the story in the comments. Hilarious, but for the wrong reasons.

But w/e, no grudges here.

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II Necroplasm II3487d ago

Ohh stop being a party pooper saget!

Timesplitter143487d ago

It's your fault if you got caught

Eiffel3487d ago

Bob Sagets career is a joke that never gets old.

Timesplitter143487d ago

Why apologize? It's what you're supposed to do on April's fools.

If you thought it was true, well you got caught and that's all.

forcefullpower3487d ago

The guys sounds more of moron for apologizing than creating the joke.

Jdoki3487d ago

Sounds like the perfect April Fool's joke to be honest if so many people got suckered in or hot under the collar about it.

Also great that the tinfoil hat wearing brigade immediately start looking for conspiracy and hidden messages!

We'll be seeing FFVII related April Fool's every year until SquareEnix do something about the demand for a remake and/or re-release on PSN.

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