Should Game Makers add anything to the FPS?

The knights of gaming likes to think of the FPS genre as the sports genre of games. It's highly competitive, takes skill, there are individual and team goals. All to win. Why not make it more like a sport? What if when you clicked on someone's gamertag or psn account it showed you their 'gamerstats' for that game? Not just win/loss or kill/death ratio. What if it displayed wins/losses per stage? Or wins/losses with a particular person on their friends list, (i.e. Clan 'A' is 6-0 when Braynbasher plays). What if it showed you the amount of kill/death with certain weapon, on a certain level, in a certain area of that level? How fantastic would it be if before the game started as it was loading it gave a panning view for each player while giving an interesting stat on that person. For instance, Braynbasher has over a thousand kills on this level with the shotgun (Or insert any other weapon here). That would make it a badge of Honor.

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Picnic3578d ago

Fisrt person shooters such as Half Life 2 and Metroid Prime (although that game mixes in some other elements as well such as platforming) are nothing like the sports game analogy. They are not about amassing points to try to look good against people you've never met in another part of the world. They're about enjoying a deep adventure and puzzle solving as well.

Something like Quake 3: Arena is a different thing but, frankly, I play games to experience a great game, and usually a single player one. No doubt games will become more like described but will it make them better to me? Not at all. It just massages the ego of the players. It's certainly unfair that so much of 'mainstream' society regards complicated videogames as inferior to some simple bat and ball game in the 'real' world though.