Sony announce new initiative for PS3 adoption

Gamezine: "Following the PlayStation 2 price-cut announcement, Sony has now revealed that they will be heavily discounting the console further with the purchase of a PlayStation 3.

Yesterday Sony announced that the PlayStation 2 would finally drop below EU100 in Europe and $100 in the US. The new recommended retail price will be available from today, that is apart from in the UK, where the console will remain at its current £94.99 price.

To follow this new pricing initiative, Sony has announced the following bundle..."

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Jamegohanssj53485d ago

What if this was actually true?


Death3485d ago

Having two consoles defeats the purpose of b/c. How many PS3 owners don't already own a PS2? The concept behind b/c is having less consoles and accessories to deal with. In a perfect world b/c games are also slightly enhanced to take advantage of the new consoles power. At the very least the use of a wireless controller is a big plus. I would hope Sony introduces a new old SKU with b/c for additional money before this tactic.


Mr_Bun3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

This has to be one of the lamest April fools article yet

Pixel_Addict3485d ago

how can anyone see this as a bad thing? If a person doesn't own a PS3 or a PS2, will be stupid not to take advantage of a deal like this... if it's real. It hardly matters. If you own a PS3, why would you complain, how would this possible affect you? Some of you guys need to get some fresh air or talk to someone, because if this news is true I hardly see it having any impact on a current PS3 owner.

na2ru13485d ago

It's just a shame that Sony's intention all along to have B/c was abrupted by the strong presence of Ninty and MS. Sony obviously never expected it as they were too confident.

I only got 60GB UK version so it's not fully b/c.

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Sheddi3485d ago

God i hate 1st of april.
U dont know who/what to trust!

No FanS Land3485d ago

I got fooled by a mart xbox thread, gosh was I pissed off! April fool's. Damn you! Now it seems every news is not worthy.

Hagaf223485d ago

a key to identifying this as fake= click the "source" link at the bottom of the page...

Mcrmarcher3485d ago

April Fool's day, the one day on N4g when all of the contirbuters can post anything they want for hits. Stop this bull it's not even funny anymore.

anh_duong3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

actually,most of the gaming blogs out there treat gaming as if everyday is april fools i.e. it doesn't stop them posting utter sensationalist rubbish.

techie3485d ago

Funny thing is, it's the same as every other day - except this time you KNOW it's not true. You should be thankful that it's April fools on N4G - the only day you can be certain.

AuToFiRE3485d ago

April Fools! But wouldnt it just be cheaper to add backwards compatibility to the PS3?

commodore643485d ago

Well apparently it's cheapest to just make an april fool's joke about it.


caffman3485d ago

but I bet if it was about MS it would be hilarious

Lumbo3485d ago

no, its utterly boring both ways

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