Zelda: Spirit Tracks to feature DSi camera function

A Nintendo source informs Pocket Gamer that forthcoming DS game Zelda: Spirit Tracks will feature DSi specific functions using the new hardware update's camera. DSi users will be able to take snaps of real-life trains and import them into the game.

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ionicmoose3487d ago

As long as the only differences between playing on a DS/Lite and a DSi are pointless gimmicky things like this then I'm happy :)

Tsalagi3487d ago

Expect more and more DSI functions to be required until you have to buy one.

SpoonyRedMage3487d ago

It sounds like an April Fools but if it's true that's a really odd idea.

kesvalk3487d ago

strange... i think is a april fools joke...

live2play3487d ago

now games are going to start inluding more and more dsi functions that they wont work on the lite im glad im getting the dsi this will put on endo to all those @#$%%$ who complain that those functions are usless

SpoonyRedMage3487d ago

I know but it's optional features for now, of course they'll complain that they're just gimmicks or that Ninty are forcing us to upgrade.

Becko3487d ago

I really dont care about Zelda Trainz ... wish we could have a decent Zelda such a link to the past, awaweking, oot, or something based on the roots ... controlling ships, trains, turning into wolf, makes me feel sad about how childish the franchise has become in order to appeal to house-keepers, old ppl, etc leaving true fans of the series behind...

Zelda Trainz a total joke !! and not aprils but a franchise joke