First-party PS3 game "Project V" is "retro shooter," confirms JAW

VG247: Just Add Water has confirmed that its upcoming first-party PSN title - Project V, slyly announced last week - is a cross-platform pew-pewer, old skool stylee.

"It's first-party for Sony, so we can't talk about it too much, but it's a retro shooting game," said company boss Stewart Gilray.

"It's for PS3 and PSP," he added.

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sinncross3491d ago

Oh nice, one title we know will be shown!!

If it does indeed look like this:

Then I'm for more information and it's great to see a PSN title getting PS3/ PSN treatment at the same time.... I wonder if the PSP will be getting any more exclusive PSN titles, they have merely a handful.