Little Lonely Planet

At first glance, this claim might seem mind boggling: How could LittleBigPlanet, Game Revolution's 2009 Game of the Year and winner of 4 awards at the Games Developers Choice Awards (though it did not win for Game of the Year there), a title that has swept the gaming world with its playful appeal for imagination, not inspire a long host of developers to follow in the footsteps of their success? Wouldn't the laws of business guide them to where the new money, the new genre, is?

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nix3491d ago

yup...LBP is a perfect game to begin with so it will be difficult for the other developers to come out with a similar game and excel it. it's truly a unique game to be honest.

slave2Dcontroller3490d ago

I dont know how MM could even top it. I would like to see alot more levels included if they make a sequel and also bring some of the supporing characters to life a bit more.

If they leave all of the share and create spectrums in tact but give us a more robust and longer SP experience then Sackboy would officially be the new Mario IMO.

At any rate, LBP is one tough act to follow as there is nothing else like it in the world XD

INehalemEXI3490d ago

They can improve it by giving sackboy's and girls ability's like double jump, dash/air dash, and having a material that allows you to run up it.

onijutsu3490d ago

it would be weird to replicate it without some kind of feature(s) that really sets it apart...

on a wild tangent
i was thinking about that ghost busters game, how funny would it be if(my memory is a little sketchy so) they are at the part where that evil girl is telling that she is going to use their thoughts to create their apocalypse, how funny would it be if instead of pop and fresh there was sackboy rampaging all over the town...

SL1M DADDY3490d ago

Before making any cheap knock-offs of this title. Either that or they are of the mind set that it takes years to come up with something this awesome in which case it will be a few years from now that we see something even comparable.

DaTruth3490d ago

You do the same thing in 3 dimensions.

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Lekumkee3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I would like them to make the controls a little tighter. I get really mad from cheap deaths cause of the floaty controls. Other then that I love this game. They're a talented bunch, I'm sure they have some stuff announcing at E3 that will blow our minds.

deathray3490d ago



u just got skilled roll'd jk

hatchimatchi3490d ago

the controls are extremely floaty, the whole game feels like a demo of a physics engine. Not saying it's a bad game, i love it. Especially the online community, some of the levels on there are simply amazing.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

3 of the BEST Games this gen so far!!! ;-P

(Online is FUN tho to) ;)

Lawliet3490d ago

There aren't many casual gamers on the PS3 at the moment. The light isn't shinning on LBP any longer, as KillZone2 is here to stay, Facts.

labaronx3490d ago

Developers know that gamers this gen dont embrace innovation in gaming and everyone wants to play the same thing over and over again...

This goes across every platform, PS3, 360, and Wii... and I'm not accusing everyone who does it but thats how it goes, i'm guilty of it myself...

wii owners have great titles like Madworld (surprisingly good) and Punch Out pretty soon but all we keep hearing about is the next zelda and mario...

360 owners have games like Fable 2 and Left 4 dead, but everyone is anticipating the new halo and gears 3 for next year...

PS3 owners have games like killzone 2 and Little Big Planet but all we hear is gow 3 this and GT5 that...

I remember someone at my local gamestop complaining about Mirror's Edge, no guns and lots of running, which was clearly stated in most previews, and how stupid the concept of the game was... But I digress

An example of Inovation not appealling to the masses will be shown this summer with heavy Rain... it's going to be praised by reviewers, but it wont do over 2 million, not bad for a new innovative IP, but a example of how innovation only appeals to the minimal of the install base.

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