Where Are They Now? 25 Computer Products That Refuse To Die

PCWorld Writes:

"These tech products and services may be forgotten, but they're far from gone. How have these geezers managed to hang on for so long?

Old computer products, like old soldiers, never die. They stay on the market--even though they haven't been updated in eons. Or their names get slapped on new products that are available only outside the U.S. Or obsessive fans refuse to accept that they're obsolete--long after the rest of the world has moved on."

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koehler833487d ago

Oh man.. PageMaker sure refuses to die.. but it sure can kill.

I work prepress at a web printing company, we still get PageMaker derived PDFs on a daily basis. Every time it's a new adventure. If it werent for PDFs themselves, the printing industry would likely file a class-action against Adobe for time/money lost.

phosphor1123487d ago

I was design editor and co-editor of my HS newspaper. Great program. PageMaker is just an older version of it, there is no reason for it to die off when its such a great program.

Everything else on this list is meh, whether used or not. They have little use for them. Even if they suffice, completely scraping all what they have will make way for new cheaper ways to make something better and more cost effective.

Lumbo3487d ago

Between all the april fools garbage, this one was a decent read

Mnemonic-DK3487d ago

I suddenly miss my Amiga... :(

harrisk9543487d ago

It seems like yesterday that I had a Prodigy account and a Compuserve account... and as far as the Hayes modem and monochrome screen, I still had those in grad school. I had a 1200 baud modem and thought that I was the sh!t... A state of the art Packard Bell computer - it was a 486DX (WOW!)... I even miss Netscape... but, to really age myself, when I was in high school, my English teacher would not allow us to use computers to do our term papers (we had to use typewriters) because the printers of the day were too hard to read and she did't like having to deal with the little holes on the sides! Man, now I need a drink I'm so depressed!!