DailyGame: Halo Wars Review


"Halo 3 is a shooter. Halo Wars is an RTS. They share a name, but that's it. Bungie's out of the picture, the genre's entirely different, and other than the music, character classes and Microsoft marketing budget, these are two entirely separate games. I've had several people tell me they wanted to get Halo Wars so their kid had a new Halo game to play. Wrong move. Halo Wars, as solid as it is from a gameplay perspective, is not an appropriate game for kids weaned on teabagging and fragfests. Instead, Halo Wars is like a gateway drug to a more-refined, more mature genre, a title that's a bit too strict and confining for hardcore RTS fans, but gentle enough to provide an entry into the genre for newbies and just deep enough on Xbox Live to get a few RTS junkies to crack a smile."

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