Koolance Releases DIY Water Cooling Kit for Xbox 360

Koolance, a leader in complete PC liquid cooling solutions, announced today the release of the Xbox 360 Complete Cooling Kit, a do-it-yourself liquid cooling kit for the Xbox 360 that uses the company's Exos-LT cooling system.

The kit comes in black and silver and features the Exos-LT cooling system, CPU and GPU liquid blocks, AC power adapter, and special Xbox 360 mounting hardware. This kit is intended for experienced modders who wish to benefit from professional liquid cooling.

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billybob6537d ago

my 360 has never ovrheated and i don't use a fan and i live in florida, so who is this for people living in the sahara?

omansteveo6537d ago

yeah no sh*t, wtf..ive had mine since its come out and im good to go

HyperBear6537d ago

WTF, I won mine in that Win one every 10 minutes thing and I got it like a week before launch, like Nov. 15, and it has neevr froze, burnt or died on me at all. I think its just a bunch of Sony Fanboys that say their 360's over-heated, just to put down the 360. HEY, we should do that with PS3, all pretend that we have a PS3 and then complain that it broke down.

Moostache6537d ago

My 360 has been run for as long as 9 horus straight without having any heating problems. Talk about a company trying to cash in on some persistently bad rumors....

Droidbro6537d ago

Let me just destroy my 360 so it can have a cooling system it doesnt need. Eat the corn out of my sh1t Koolance.

zinnia6537d ago

Keep you're house cool and it will be fine. I got a fan next to my 360 just in case, the disc's are slightly warm.

TheMART6537d ago

Well if you all didn't think about it:

Watercooling keeps your CPU/GPU and so on cooler then it can get with air cooling. The cooler the CPU/GPU, the longer it's lifespan.

So it's not only about just cooling, it gives more lenght to the life of the console

Droidbro6537d ago

By not voiding the warranty and taking the damn thing apart. Some people with the right tools and know how could pull it off, but the average 12 year old gamer would probably destroy it.

TheMART6537d ago

I think the gamers that buy this device got the console from their parents and these parents won't spoil them with this watercooling device. And they don't have the money for it themselves

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isarai1d 9h ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about