Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII crippled? Not likely


"I am betting that the main difference will be mostly related to disc swapping. The biggest clue was when Kitase made it a point to indicate that the PS3 version of the game won't be hampered by disc swapping issues due to the Blu-ray player. Since the mediocre Blue Dragon game used three DVD discs it does make one wonder how many discs Final Fantasy XIII will be on.

The game will hit Japan exclusively on the PS3 this year. Gamers overseas will have to wait to get their hands on this title April of next year courtesy of Microsoft and Square Enix. However, one thing is for sure, regardless of which platform you get it on the game will be awesome."

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MURKERR5295d ago (Edited 5295d ago )

anywhere near 100% of ps3s power, mgs4 looks better,let alone kz2 and uncharted 2, SE have lost some of their magic, they have not evolved as developers and personally i wasnt impressed graphically of the videos that i saw, gameplay wise i hope its awesome ...

thor5295d ago

Saying "100% of the PS3's power" is stupid.

I could write a program in 2 seconds that just went into an infinite loop on each SPU and it would be using 100% of the PS3's "power", in that the SPUs would be at maximum capacity. But it wouldn't do anything.

Square Enix could have written poorly designed, badly written code that uses up 100% of the PS3's power, but have poor art design, and end up with a game that not only looks bad, but that has poor framerate and resolution.

Uncharted doesn't use the SPUs much - it could probably be done on the Xbox 360, I don't think a port would be too difficult. It looks so good because of excellent coding, great art design and clever tricks to make the most out of the engine. MGS4 looks so good because they spent so much time polishing every last detail, and optimising their code. If you looked at it, I doubt it would actually use 100% of the PS3's raw processing power.

Killzone 2 has been designed for the PS3 from the start, right down to its rendering system. This allows it to have amazing lighting by using the SPUs. But it has to be planned that way; I very much doubt that a multiplatform engine by Square Enix on their first PS3 coding attempt will be designed with the PS3 at the forefront.

Sarcasm5295d ago (Edited 5295d ago )

Don't be too surprised if the 360 version ends up looking the same or *gasp* slightly better.

This is SE's first PS3 title, I don't believe they'll get the best results out of the PS3 just yet.

coolfool5295d ago

Yes this is the first game on the PS3 from SE but this has been designed from the ground up on the PS3. This isn't a port. Add this to the amount of time they have been developing the game for and I expect an engine that is essentially optimised for the PS3.

Now, I am not sure how this would change since the decision to put the game in the 360. It probably has affected how game has been designed from that point onwards. The port will always have to be considered.

hay5295d ago

Let's see the final build. According to the 50%/100% use of PS3 it should be about 2 times better than actual gameplay screenies or videos.
Also I read somewhere that trailer footage and demo is from 2008 build, we have 2009 now. Anyone remember KZ2?

el_bandito5295d ago

Hi everyone just an OT post: Since FFXIII is going to Japan first, would there be a feature for english subs? Pardon my ignorance, I have cousins in Japan..Just wondering maybe I could ask them to send me a copy.Thanks in advance.

lilgringo5295d ago

Who the hell disagreeds with thor? He is absolutely right.
You people disagrees with anything, and i'll prove it.

lilgringo5295d ago (Edited 5295d ago )

The Earth isn't flat!

(Just wait for it...)

Death5295d ago

The game engine is not PS3 specific, it's a multi-platform engine developed on PC for all platforms. FF like many first gen games was started it's life prior to the PS3 dev kits being released. Second, why does a game have to look like anything in order to use "100%"?There is more to games then graphics. This early in the PS3's lifecycle I am sure devs don't know what 100% actually is, but it is clear Square said this to try and reassure PS3 fans that the game will be great on the PS3. You can look at this statement and over analyze it all you like, but you are missing the point.


p.s. everyone knows the world is flat like the Sun. You can see for yourself later today as it starts it's daily revolution around the Earth.

BlackPrince 425295d ago

According to Naughty Dog they used about 1/3 of the PS3's SPU power, so that may be possible for a 360 to run. No one can speak to MGS4 since Konami and KP never said how many SPUs they used. But it's irrelevant since both games take up more space than a DVD9 could hold.

As for FF13, the game is being built first and foremost as a Playstation 3 game, then ported to 360 once it's finished. From what we've been told, the White Engine wasn't designed with multiplatform use in mind since the beginning. The decision to do that came later after development had already started, hence the skepticism about the 360 port.

Pixel_Addict5295d ago

Speculation and assumsion by some unknown know it all. Is this guy a experienced PS3/360 developer or a game designer of any kind? Who knows how the game will be on the 360. The only thing that IS known; the 360 version will have multiple discs. How many, who knows? Besides, if you own a PS3, then guess what? You'll be playing the PS3 version. If you own a 360, you guess it stupid, you'll be playing the 360 version. So what does it matter? It is what it will be, get over it and get a life. But... If you own a PS3 then you can probably buy the game overseas and play it on your region free US PS3.... ahhh another great feature of the PS3.

AAACE55295d ago (Edited 5295d ago )

I think it's funny how when FFXIII was a Ps3 exclusive, every Ps3 owner said how great it looked. But with it being multiplatform, now they don't believe it looks that great and don't believe it will use that much power. Could it be that they fear the 360 is close to the Ps3's power as some developers said? I don't know.

Before you judge the statement of using almost 100% of Ps3's power, keep in mind that FFXIII will be a far larger game than the ones with high graphics that you guys pointed out.

Power doesn't just mean graphics. It also represents animations,A.I., etc. Keep in mind that we will be getting a FF game which looks to play more like DMC 4. MGS 4's action didn't move as fast as this game will.

We haven't seen the final product yet, so it's too early to judge. The only people who feel like they should are fanboys.

Also, it will be interesting to see how MS' new development kit will benefit this game.

likedamaster5295d ago

Most of you posting here sound extremely insecure(Murkerr) because someone said FFXIII will look just as good on 360. All of a sudden, FFXIII doesn't look as good as MGS4, Uncharted, etc. What a joke you fanboys are!

This is good news for 360 fans that don't have a ps3 and still want to play this game especially with all the FFXIII on 360 bashing by the Sony fans lately.

Glad to hear it will look and play just as good on 360. More games on more consoles = win.

Btw, this is a 360 post and Open Zone... that way---->

Rainstorm815295d ago

that came out and said 100% of ps3 power. Naughty Dog said the same of uncharted 2. The little one minute blurred gameplay footage looks better than all the clips of FF13 ive seen. Thats why ps3 fans have their doubts. As for uncharted 1 being possible on xbox360

April Fools!!!!

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune (2007) > Gears of War 2 (2008)


SuperM5295d ago

"However, one thing is for sure, regardless of which platform you get it on the game will be awesome"

Why does people say this all the time about all types of games not released yet. Its certainly not sure that the game will be awesome until we have it in our hands and can judge it for ourselves.

Saigon5295d ago

The only reason I have doubt is because I feel this game has been dumb down for the 360...you know the same situation for GTA4...

indysurfn5294d ago (Edited 5294d ago )

lets test your statement. Assassins Creed was written from the ground up for PS3, and ported to the xbox360. And on the xbox360 it had twice the frame rate, better textures, and way better AI according to the developer. SO your statement has nothing to do with reality! Most of the madden games, and NBA games where written for PS3 from the ground up (except the last year), and still have twice the frame rate, and better AI, and graphics on the 360. The list goes on, and on! They can port it to xbox360, and up the texture quality, and the frame rate, and if they have time the AI. All in a months time!

It does not matter that you think one of your games(KZ2) saved your system. It took from 2004 to 2009 to make that game and it is only a shooter! How many times does the PS3 have for that to happen? Another five years, and it will be 2014. Cheering about one game is like the Detroit lions celebrating about 'A' win!

Big-freaking-deal lets see you do it again. I would be embarrassed about celebrating my first graphical win after more than two years. I would change a disk every 20-40 hours which only takes 5-10 seconds. Then wait a extra 5-10 seconds every other level, like you will on the 33-40% slower loading blu-ray disk. All the hypocrisy, no a single Sony fantoy complained about disks when it was PS1 and PS2. Now they act like they would sacrafice graphics, fast loading, AI, frame rate(which effects gameplay), and smooth ONLINE play for just having one disk. FANTOYS PLEASE!

Hello retard GTA is better on the xbox360!

MURKERR5294d ago (Edited 5294d ago )

my comment has nothing whatsoever to do with the how well the 360 version looks, im refferring to the claim of using a 100% of the ps3s power which this game certainly is not, READ MY COMMENT SON.

we heard the same stories in the ps2 era then god of war came out,ps3s still in its infancy and developers are only now learning the architecture so 100% usage so soon for a game that graphically is not the best on ps3 i dont believe simple as

i cant believe i even wasted my time replying to your retarded comment

CaseyRyback_CPO5294d ago

The 360's only saving grace for graphic arguments is a "possibility" that it can run advanced engines, and a cryengine tech demo from 2009. Some of you have more faith in nothing than some other religions. Since there is absolutely no physical ammunition for the ridiculous idea that the 360 can hang with a SPU optimized engine, we just have to take everyones word for it. And we will continue to do so more than likely until this generation is over.

FF13 will be gimped to run on the 360 from the PS3 version, have you seen what the PS3 can do? Uncharted, Killzone2, MGS4 are all games that run circles around any game ever designed for a 360 single or multiple Dvd's. Want to compare Race Pro with Gran Turismo Prologue? Bioshock with Kz2? There is absolutely no disputing this. You can pretend that one day developers will push the 360's true power, when the truth is they have, and they constantly run into walls while trying to do so, because its underpowered to run these PC style specification games.

Every single silly argument about the 360's superiority due to multipalts all falls apart when you look at the terrible 360 ports/games that have been created, for example.. Bully, A ps2 game ran utterly terrible on the 360. Now, does that mean that the 360 can't run bully? and that the PS2 is superior? No. It means its bad coding, which is why multiplats that look and perform no where near ps3 exclusives have slight advantages on the 360. Big shock there when you have developers crying about how impossible it is to develop for, and your Gabe Newells throwing the console under the bus because of how it cant be used for games.

But whats hilarious is how all of you try to pretend that multiplatform development is where hardware power is shown, its not. its exclusives. And the last time I checked, No 360 exclusive can even touch uncharted at all levels: Resolution,Framerate/StreamLoa ding,Animation,Lighting,texture &shader networks, NOTHING. Again, you can pretend because Gears2 looks good from far away when you squint your eyes, that that equals Uncharted, it just plain doesn't. Neither does Alan wake compared to anything running on a PS3. And this is just by juding from a pc tech demo and a trailer that had no lighting or facial animation in it.

MLB09 walks all over Mlb2k, its as if its night and day. Everyone tries to pretend 'oh thats just because they spend the time to do the graphics!'No, its because they are capable developers who have advanced hardware to program for. Not worry that high res textures wont fit on a dvd.

Why doesn't TOO HUMAN or AlAN Wake clearly look superior to pS3 titles considering the development time, or hell. Even the Wheelman. if time = graphics. Why does every Tri-Ace game look terrible? Why does gears2 look exactly like gears1?

This is why the PS3 community is completely upset at ff13 becoming multiplat, not because the 360 community gets to play it, no thats a good thing!! Its because Ff13 was looking to be an amazing ps3 optimized game, much the uncharteds and mgs4's in the world. really amazing experiences that make you appreciate how far technology has come, which no game on the 360 has been able to pull off since Gears1. The ps3 version will be compromised for the 360's shortcomings when it comes to performance, and this very well may mean it will run inferior to the 360 version. But a PS3 specific engine runs superior to any effort the 360 has shown to date.

No one here can honestly sit here and say they would rather Ff13 use the Gears of War 2 engine over the KZ2 engine for future titles to make them look better and closer to holy mother Crysis.

No offense intended, but give credit where credit is due. When the 360 has games that can hang with uncharted, we all know N4G will explode, and no one will deny it. Then we will just have to wait for kz3 :).

TheRealSpy5294d ago

i don't get what you're saying.

SE lost their edge? correct me if i'm wrong, but when have final fantasy in game engines ever been the cutting edge of graphics technology? i mean the cut scenes are always beautiful. that's what final fantasy games are really known for. and it's not like it's a bad looking game. but i don't remember anyone ever hailing any FF games as the new graphical standard. they are just good games with good music and usually a great story.

still can't make up my mind which system to get this on...but i guess i have a year to decide.

Saigon5294d ago (Edited 5294d ago )

your second sentence is incorrect...AC was not dev on the the PS3 first...it was the other way around...

Why do people have to lie to try and claim a point...if you want to look at a game that was dev on the PS3 first and ported to the 360...please look at Burnout Paridise from Criterion Games...it was one of the first games that was dev on the PS3 first and ported to the 360...and its actually one of the best looking games...

GTA4...yes it was better a little visualy on the 360...but the game was dump down inorder to fit the content needed in the game...for example look at all the areas that looked like you could enter but were not available...why...disk limitations...its the biggest thing hurting the 360...

thesummerofgeorge5294d ago

Hopefully some new company will come along one of these days and fill the void left by Square. I need my RPG fix, and I need it fast.

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San Frandisco5295d ago

lol nice dude,i like for the fact the pic shows that the CD's are in a ps1 style casing lol.. LAST-GEN property ONLY on XBOX!

pandabear5295d ago

That picture is nothing short of fanboyism - 1 one those discs is a bonus disc :-)