Spring 360 update adds more "integration and innovation"

Microsoft's Larry Hryb details next Xbox 360 system update.

The update details comes in the Major's latest podcast (posted earlier), in which the MS blogger says unlike PlayStation Home the Xbox 360 interface will always have games integrated into the experience.

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Sphinx4631d ago

I'm always interested in seeing what the different companies and consoles come up with!

BrotherSic4631d ago

CVG ask whether MS will counter with a similar product to Home but i dont think there is any chance of this.

Home is unproven, if they ever decide to 'copy' then they will wait until they know people actually want and willing use Home.

1UP has been hinting for ages that MS are going to move to dedicated servers so this might be announced. This would tie in more with the quote:

"The new stuff we're bringing in Spring adds more functionality and integration,"

T-Virus4631d ago

are the best thing MS could do, funny if Halo 3 BETA was testing dedicated servers.

OldSchoolGamer4631d ago

To go the PC/Xbox 360 interplay route would almost (not as a certainty though) require dedicated servers. Regardless of the crap they have spewed before about the huge cost of dedicated servers and the broadband costs associated with it, there is no denying that additional revenue from all the content, and the yearly fee for live only makes sense in switching to dedicated servers. This would also make terrific sense in that you would allow games to possibly go beyond that 16 player standard that all but maybe 2-3 games are limited to. You would see no benefit to standyby in ranked multiplayer games as it currently happens in a couple games (Halo 2, and Gears of War occasionally off the top of my head). This would elminate the desire to cheat through modding as well. The only thing that would be a draw back would be a Denial of Service attacks, but if Microsoft can't fight back, what company has a shot?

The line of thought are too many benefits and elimination of a possible bad experience for Halo 3 online (which Microsoft cannot afford, you want to see a fast PS3 victory? that would do it) if users still remain as hosts. This would mean a major online code rewrite, and I still am not sure if it will be their annoucement since they said games would be the focus, guess we will have to wait and see but your thought sure makes sense, although it just may be my wishful thinking.

BrotherSic4631d ago

i think you could be right with testing the dedicated servers with the Halo 3 beta.

I think it will be similar to most PC games which have maybe 10 dedicated servers playing set games and then you will be able to create your own games through peer to peer. Luke Smith on 1UP is certain it is happening so it will eventually

slightly un-game related but maybe they will add video marketplace to Europe and Japan? something that i would be very interested in :)

Icryo4631d ago

All sounds well, i just don't want to hear those 'updates bricked my 360' stories again...

DrKing4631d ago

private chat would be a huge plus for me lets ditch this whole 64/64 bandwith crap. i want at least multiparty dashboard chat

Maddens Raiders4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

...sounds like rumour more than anything at this time, but no doubt MS is working to counter Home right now. The question is what? exactly will they counter with?
Another thing.....

-- "unlike PlayStation Home the Xbox 360 interface will always have games integrated into the experience."

....Well games will also be at the heart of PS HOME since they are part of the current PSN download process and the 'decorating' aspect of the virtual world. What would stop you from seeing where you're friends are or joining them in a game since this is what's currently available now. Would it not be even better with Home? And Home will offer a social meeting place with various types of interfacing and user interaction that will make it a truly unique online experience in a virtual 'PS' world. Now there's no also no doubting that Live's integration and functionality is much smoother than the PSN right now, (and the features that SNE offers MS will too -- that's just good business) but I'm sure things will change.

One thing is for sure: People wondered for years how SNE would counter the uber-success of MSLive. Now it is clear that not only has SNE, observed, learned, and adopted -- but they've wholly changed the concept of a world from a gamer's perspective.......

--"Will MS follow in Sony's lead adding more "virtual world"-style interface features? " --

....and made it the envy of the industry, overnight mind you. Well, on paper at (and still at no charge) Nevertheless, this will be a fun contest to watch unfold of course between these two. Great, great news for gamers in the end though. =]

Dusk4631d ago

First, I applaud Sony for doing something for the PS3 not related to bluray. However, it's still just a concept. In no way is it the 'envy of the industry'. It hasn't been implemented, tested, or even remotely finished yet. It's coming from a company that is the king of promising things that never come true. MS would be foolish to copy anything from the Home concept at this point. Every gamer I talk to and play with (which admittedly is a very small sliver of the actual gaming comunity) has absolutely no interest in 'Second Life' for the PS3. I'm not saying Sony can't pull it off and turn it into something worthwhile, I'm just saying it's WAY too early to tell anything. Will Sony, a hardware company, be able to even live up to its claims when they rarely do? Especially with it being free, as free stuff is almost always of lower quality. Will people, besides fanboys, be even remotely interested in this when the real goal of a 'Game' system is the game playing?

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