GameSpot: Stormrise PS3/360 Review

GameSpot writes: "Stormrise is one of those games that makes you wonder, "What were they thinking?" This real-time strategy game is, from top to bottom, misconceived, frustrating, frequently broken, and rarely fun. Developer Creative Assembly has built an entire product around a fundamentally flawed control scheme and neglected almost every important facet of the RTS genre. Embarrassingly busted pathfinding, infuriating interface problems, abysmal mission design, substandard visuals--these unpleasant elements and many others make the whole thing an unseemly mess. It's the bizarre irony of Stormrise that it's an RTS game built from the ground up for modern consoles yet it's far inferior to those ported from the PC."

The Good

* Interesting sci-fi universe.

The Bad

* Whip select control scheme makes choosing units a chore
* Appalling pathfinding leads to micromanagement nightmares
* Broken animations and missing visual effects
* Total lack of important visual information
* Tons of other annoying issue

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