SD Gundam G Generation Announced For Wii, Famitsu Scans

Okay quality scans of Gundam Game for Wii. Basic details (thanks

- 2009 Summer Release in Japan
- 70% complete

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ChickeyCantor3584d ago

Wait Gumdam does well in Japan doesn't it?

Seferoth753584d ago

The last few have if I remember correctly.

BeNice3584d ago

My comments should not be taken as some sort of bias but the ps3 survived the last few weeks selling more than the wii beacuse of hugely anticipated back to back releases.

It doesn't do much when taken worldwide cos for every 100,000 the ps3 gained the wii gained 500,000 in NA.

However, come april 23rd i believe Monster hunter g comes out with the monster hunter tri demo, then monster hunter 3, gundam and quite possibly wii sports resort. ALso a game called puyo puyo 7 is coming. The next samurai warriors is heading to wii aswell so those should significantly boost wii sales for long periods of time.Heck square might release Crystal bearers with a lot of press and garner sales too maybe include a trailer of dragon quest 10. That reminds me i should check the crystal bearers website for updates.

TriforceLightning3584d ago

Now Sony must kneel and kiss the ring!