Kengo Zero Dated, Web Site Goes Live

Today, Genki launched the official web site for Kengo Zero, which marks the debut on next-gen consoles of the company's popular "Kengo" samurai series.

The web site also revealed the release date for the game, which is scheduled to hit Japanese store shelves on September 7, 2006. Genki has yet to announce if it plans to release the game outside Japan.

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omansteveo6540d ago

Those games suck who buys them

TMoney6540d ago

Wow...a Japanese samurai fighter. Tremendously original. I'm sure it'll sell well in Japan.


Hatashiai: Bushido Blade/Kengo Spiritual Successor Seeks Funding On Indiegogo

Hatashiai is an original 3D FTG game targeting to replicate realistic Sword Fighting (Kenjutsu), developed with Unreal 4 Engine. In Hatashiai, you take control of famous samurai/warriors skilled at different styles of melee combat techniques to experience their ways of fighting and learn about their stories and legends.

Our goal is to bring the Bushido Blade and Kengo fans back as well as new players in.

Includes at least eight famous Ryuha (shcool of Kenjutsu) with utterly different fighting styles. All skills and moves are actual techniques developed and used by the ancient Samurai/Warriors. All characters are legendary martial artists who have left glorious names in history.

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5p4c3d2909d ago

Wow looks good! if your gonna draw a comparison to bushido blade though you need some sword throwing! Bushido Blade 2 is one of my fav games of all time. Cant wait to see how this turns out.


Kengo Legend of the 9 (X360) Announced - Screens

In feudal Japan, it was kill or be killed for the samurai. Kengo: Legend of the 9, known in Europe as Kengo Zero, lets you battle as one of nine famous samurai warriors while mastering expert techniques to gain an advantage over your foes. Become a Kengo Master as you fight your way through lush, high-definition Japanese environments.

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PhinneousD6200d ago (Edited 6200d ago )

looks as bad as tenchu z... whoops, it looks worse.

Alymon6104d ago

Screens don't look that good graphically.... but if it's like the first Kengo at all, it should be fun (if you like sword fighting games).

Glad it's only $40.


Majesco to publish Kengo Zero

Majesco Entertainment have today announced that they will be publishing Kengo Zero for the Xbox 360. The game which is set for release in autumn places gamers in feudal Japan on a mission to become the best samurai warrior in the land.

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