Fudzilla - Review: OCZ's Gladiator MAX cooler tested

Fudzilla: "Today, we have a chance to take a look at OCZ's latest CPU cooler, the Gladiator MAX. The most prominent feature of this cooler is its Heatpipe Direct Touch design, also known as H.D.T. Unlike other coolers which use heatpipes to transfer heat from the base of the cooler to the main heatsink, OCZ's Gladiator MAX has heatpipes that are actually the base of the cooler as these come in direct contact with the IHS of the CPU.

The Gladiator MAX cooler weighs 780 grams with the fan, and its dimensions are 63x120x165 mm (LxWxH). These dimensions are quite compact for a 120mm fan cooled cooler, and some other coolers are significantly bigger and heavier than OCZ's Gladiator MAX. It supports AMD 754/755/939/940 and AM2 sockets, as well as Intel 775 sockets."

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