IGN: A History of Gaming in 9 Influential Genres

There's some debate over what, exactly, constituted the first videogame and who created it. However, Nolan Bushnell's Spacewar! clone, Computer Space, undeniably sparked a sequence of events that ushered in the golden age of arcade gaming. Starting with Pong, these early technological pioneers were playing without rules, producing an enormously diverse burst of creativity, ranging widely across titles such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Defender, and Asteroids.

However, it was a game starring a plumber and a gorilla that kick-started the fad mentality of gaming, establishing the first of many genres to inspire both audiences and money men alike. Here, IGN presents the genres that helped evolve the industry from humble 8-bit beginnings to the multimillion dollar entertainment behemoth it is today.

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