Euro PS3 sales will hit 4m by next year - Xbox 360 demand has peaked

Xbox 360 demand has peaked, says Screen Digest

Sony is set to sell 4 million PlayStation 3 units to European consumers by the end of 2007, according to Screen Digest.

Speaking to The Times Online, analyst Nick Parker dismissed suggestions that plentiful stocks of the console could be seen to indicate poor sales performance.

"The lack of shortage is supply driven; what Sony has shipped will sell," he said.

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Maddens Raiders4622d ago

you're just begging for a flame war aren't you?

--"sales of Xbox 360 are just 1 per cent higher than this time last year - suggesting that demand for Microsoft's console has peaked."

360 demand has peaked? Wow, just wow.

mandrake4622d ago

It's pointless to argue about these sort of analyst comments becuase we will know soon enough if the so called "analyst" truly knew what he was talking about. I just hope somebody is keeping track of who said what, so that in a month or two, when the real numbers are in, we can give credit to those that called it right and heap scorn on those who were just pulling stuff out of their butts.

Marty83704622d ago

If you look in most console shops in UK & Europe, X360 is getting trading in. In their droves. Gamers are trading

MaximusPrime4622d ago

i sold my xbox 360 because it is the worst console i ever played. Since Megadrive/Genesis console. What a waste of cash!

I regret leaving my PS2 to gather dust. So i sold my xbox 360 after just two months of owning it. I sold it for a pretty reasonable price.

Here comes PS3, im giving it a new home ;)

PS: Reggie (NoA), you are right Europeans lost faith in Xbox 360.

PureGamer4622d ago

and we have had to stop people trading in there 360's for the PS3 because we cant sell the pre owned ones. Ill be picking a pre owned one up tho :).

techie4622d ago

Peaked!? Halo 3 is yet to come has big guns yet.

Grown Folks Talk4622d ago

lose the support of your sony brethren if you keep making comments like this. =)

OldSchoolGamer4622d ago

I take back some of the things I said about you, joking =). You hit the nail on the head both systems have long long to go before they peak, too many exclusives coming! As for Wii, unless some new guns peak in their roster of games, they may have peaked.

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The story is too old to be commented.