Lounge Lizard Ladies: the women of Leisure Suit Larry

The Good Gear Guide takes a look at some of the pixelated harlots that Larry Laffer has dallied with over the years -- from 1987 to present.

Chris Jager writes: "For a character that has been variously described as a 'dork', 'nerd' and 'loser', Larry Laffer sure does seem to get a lot of action from the ladeez. The balding slacker's smutty exploits in the pursuit of lust and lurve have landed him in all manner of sticky situations (with 'sticky' being the operative word).

Despite being derided as the original '40-year old virgin', the titular tit-man actually popped his cherry at the end of the first game, way back in 1987. Since then, he has ended up in the arms of at least one pneumatic beauty at the climax of every sequel - not bad for a pot-bellied lothario with a receding hairline.

As the following gallery illustrates, the women in Larry's life have gone from ultra cartoony to racily realistic, before merging into an unusual combination of both. This probably goes to show something, although we're not sure what."

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Seth Isurus3488d ago

I remember playing the first game as a wee nipper. There was a rumour going around at my school that if Larry got the AIDS virus off the hooker, your computer got a virus too!

grumpysmurf3487d ago

That rumour went around my school too! Of course, I had an Amiga which didn't have a hard drive, so it was impossible for my computer to get a virus. Was a good urban legend though.

Penno3487d ago

Leisure Suit Larry game were always pretty lame. The only good one was Love for Sale.

jessehaysfl3487d ago

wow these stories are great they sure do lend an air of maturity to our lovely genre.

manwich253487d ago

Its not a real Leisure Suit Larry if the is no nudity

Seth Isurus3485d ago

Only the newer games actually contained nudity. The originals were surprising tame. For example, the first game ended with Larry having sex - presented by a black screen and some fireworks. Woo-hoo.