IGN: New Play Control DK Jungle Beat Hands-on

IGN writes: "Before Nintendo's Tokyo studio created Super Mario Galaxy -- a game we can all agree is one of Wii's finest -- it developed a less popular GameCube project called DK Jungle Beat. Veteran players will undoubtedly recognize the name, but if you're new to this whole Wii thing, you might've missed it. In fact, you might've passed it by even if you happened to be a Nintendo devotee at the time because, frankly, Jungle Beat was a critically acclaimed retail failure. Scored well, but didn't sell, in other words, and that's likely because it was a platformer whose play mechanics revolved entirely around the use of a seeming gimmick: a set of Nintendo-released DK bongos. Pound the hell out of them and watch Donkey Kong run through gorgeously stylized levels. Beat on 'em some more and watch as the overgrown ape hurls fists at opponents. Unless you sat down and played it for yourself, you probably didn't get it and if you spent some time with it, chances are you loved it."

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