Modern Warfare 2 to be "more of the same?"

This gets me to my main point. Is any one worried that Modern Warfare 2 will have the "Sophomore Slump?" And even if it does suffer from this, will it even matter? My prediction is that Infinity Ward won't release 'just another COD game,' but it could be a very easy thing to do.

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boss_killa3539d ago

but i dunno if it will live to the unfair amount of hype it will get.

PS3istheshit3539d ago

as long as it still has the same feel as cod4
they changed the stlye bit in cod5 ad looked how that turned out
it was good but it didnt deserve the call of duty name (im talking about after u play cod4)
god thing they did waw cuz now they know that more people want the same as cod4
so they probably will make the same style
cod4 is still selling good and has the biggest online community
2 years later and i can still find a game
killzone 2 is awesome but it doesnt hav that pick up and play style
i dont mind codmw2 is coming this holiday season cuz cod4 is still so much fun
and its summer so everybody's gonna be outside
im always gonna be outside cuz i suck really bad at soccer and basketball and need major practise
dont look at me like im the only one :)

Dandiego3539d ago

COD 4 is the best shooter this generation and the leap from COD 2 to COD4 was huge so why would this one be any different?

cryymoar3539d ago

if it's near the same as COD4, i expect to see some docked points for "not bringing anything new to the genre." You know, since these big time journalists like to dock points away from Killzone 2. The campaign better step up a notch too, otherwise, dock some more points for that.

Other than that, I have very high hopes for this game. I picked up COD4 as my first COD game, and didn't expect it to be as great as it was. But I wonder if the graphics will compete with Killzone 2.

mugoldeneagle033539d ago

I'm not going to read the article but I HOPE (fingers crossed) that Activision actually evolves MW:2.

I'll wait until E3.

I'm not about to jump to conclusion based on a trailer that showed no footage and three new perks.

However I know in the end I'll probably buy it regardless. I need my shooters.

Tempist3539d ago

Wasn't HipHopGamer himself. Actually he and his site are distancing themselves from what could actually be an honest opinion with proper factual evidence to back it up.


moblin3539d ago

if it ain't broken, don't fix it

TheIneffableBob3539d ago

It's kinda broken.

Grenade spam and pissy level design, anyone?

ambientFLIER3539d ago

Grenade spam sucks, BUT the level design is awesome. I love EACH level, with the exception of creek. Can't say the say for World at War, where every level looks the same.

Jandre023539d ago

Same game, new weapons, new perks, all old maps plus some new maps.

8,000,000 sold easy.

Only thing they might need to add is a clan system and tournaments.

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The story is too old to be commented.