Latest Famitsu review scores - First Muramasa: The Demon Blade review

The latest Famitsu review scores are now available.

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Obama3487d ago

I love Odin Sphere and I have no doubt that I will love this game too. Too bad I don't have a wii, just wonder if there will be any chance for it to come to the ps3?

Da One3487d ago

seriously also there's some of other gems I want

N4g_null3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

xabmol as much as many HD gamers claim to not be able to play PC games on their PC I'm doubting that they have a box that will emulate the system well.

Then on top of that it will crash a lot.

On topic that is a seriously high score for a great game. Man would it be sweet to see 2d games make a come back with graphic like this! Contra 4 on the Wii for the Win! How about a game with Simon in it, minus the anime artist!

The Wii is becoming the home of the seriously hardcore games right now. They receive almost no hype and just silently deliver. Like ninjas, I like ninjas!

mastiffchild3487d ago

Looking forwars to this one for a while. OS was a good game and the visuals are stunning and the hand drawn artstyle really suits the Wii. Is that score the same as 85% the same as FF4 got in Famitsu as thats coming to europe soon as well?

Whatever it's great score for what I think is quite a niche title. I dunno who holds all the rights to this so idk whether a PS3 version is likely-I can't imagine we'll see one though. Be very interesting to see how this sells-esp outside of Japan where it'll no doubt do pretty well. Plenty of us on here know and enjoyed Odin Sphere but I doubt your less investigative gamer knows anything about Muramasa.

N4g_null3487d ago

I'm sure as soon as the kids and the animation lovers see it they will be all over this. The game play is super easy to pick up and hard to master. The presentation easily is the most artist game this gen in my book.

Most people think I'm always mad at SONY but really it's games like this that prove my point. Had SONY made a game system that supports all types of games and gamers it would have gotten this game, easily actually. Development cost and the other lack of any thing artistic having any real success on the HD consoles, let along being 2d.

It's like the Wii is the last chance for real games from the past and new gen. The HD console and their fans are more of the 3d sim types.

Their have been 3 games that I'm sure no one on NG4 have gotten or even knows about for the HD system that would have proven 2d is wanted on the HD consoles. You never here them hype games like this for HD consoles. lots of developer feel like , why should we even bother if it's not 3d and shader crazy.

Pheonix033487d ago

Good to know that Famitsu gave it a high score. Muramasa is destined to be the best sleeper-hit this year in the US. I'm sure it'll sell great in Japan though. Vanillaware is definitely one of the most original and skilled developers around.