Interview: Jack Thompson

Love him or hate him, the industry's most controversial figure comes for an exclusive interview, as Jack Thompson once again takes the hot seat for another round of grilling and thrilling. We welcome Jack back to discuss the recent passing and subsequent veto of Utah's House Bill 353, as well as his recent letter to President Obama.

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ihaten4glol3580d ago

Whomever has reported this story because it's about Jack Thompson, think before you mindlessly report - you may disregard his ideals, but you really have no idea how they could affect you in the future.

FerretWithASpork3580d ago

Did you even read the interview, or the news story's description? Neither of them state the author's opinion, the interview is very professional and very informative about Jack's views and methods of fighting for his beliefs.

ihaten4glol3580d ago

I was speaking of the report the submission got, not the content itself. =/

FerretWithASpork3580d ago

Ahh, I see, my apologies then. I thought you were referring to the interview/submission as a report.

Sorry about that.


PistolPumptMonk3579d ago

As a student at Virginia Tech, I am utterly appalled by Mr. Thompson's continued showing of ignorance and disrespect. The people who died on this campus deserve some sort of honor for the lives they lived but instead, Jack Thompson seeks to use their deaths as a platform for his ridiculously radical beliefs and views.

I will not stoop to a low level and insult him or wish harm upon him. I just want to say that I am completely shocked by the way he throws around peoples lives and I hope to never hear from him again.

As for violent games, everyone who plays them knows that thinking they cause violence is absolutely absurd. Keep the games away from your 8 year old kids and stop trying to blame the world for the problems you have caused. This world is a messed up place, and there is a lot more evil at work in it than violent games.

Sorry for the rant I'm just really flustered and offended. Doesn't happen to me often either...

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FerretWithASpork3580d ago

Great interview you've got here. That guy is quite the nut job! Personally I believe that it's the parent's jobs to raise the children right, and with morals!

bob saget remix3580d ago

Would of gotten GTA 4 banned. That game stunk really badly. So boring and repetitive. Almost more repetitive then Assassins creed.

Anon19743580d ago

That made me smile, you know...because so many people love Jack Thompson. :)

"Hate him or meerly dislike him..." is probably more accurate.

FragMnTagM3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

my whole life and never once had the urge to kill anyone because I was raised RIGHT and know that killing people in the real world is WRONG. I used to work for Wal-Mart selling games in the electronics department and let me tell you, THEY ARE VERY STRICT on Identification to purchase adult content. In fact, it is an automatic termination if you don't ID a kid that is underage. The only way I have ever been able to obtain a violent video game when I was underage was to get an adult to do it.

Same thing goes for beer, and cigarettes. When I was underage, I could not buy them anywhere around where I live, but it was very easy to say to a bum, "hey man go buy me a pack of cigs, or beer and I'll give you five bucks", and BAM! you got yourself illegal products. So half of his argument is null and void right there.

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