Is Playstation Home still attracting people?

"When Playstation Home was announced back at the 2007 GDC, it captured the attention of everyone at the show. While details were few, the promise of Home drove many people to pick up a PS3 in anticipation of the open beta. A couple years after their first look at Home, the door swung open and people finally got to see what they were waiting so long to experience. Many of the Playstation fans felt betrayed and disappointed when they found Home to be a cramped, glitchy, and mostly non-interactive virtual chat room."

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Blaze9293487d ago

Me personally, I havent booted up HOME since it launched publicly last year. The way it is now imo, its just lame. Sure there's that "beta" label slapped onto it but thats just obviously a way to keep saying "it isnt ready yet" blah blah.

When the promised features come and more support rolls in, im sure itll be kicking off. Although i think HOME should be the new XMB or something otherwise its REALLY hard to find reason to boot into home instead of straight to a game or whatever.

kapedkrusader3487d ago

...HOME is just a click of a button away, has several new areas to explore and Xi and you still can't find a reason to check it out since launch? And even though you haven't seen it in months, you have an opinion on it in it's current state. It sounds to me like you wouldn't like HOME even if it paid your bills and cleaned your house. Just grab a stick and stir a turd or something, see how much fun that is.

Szarky3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Come on, home hasn't evolved that much since launch. It's grown A LOT but it hasn't evolved. What I mean by that is at the core of it, it's still the same thing. I haven't booted up Home since Beta Launch either. I would rather spend my time playing my games.

barom3487d ago

I was going to get into Home again the other day but then I had to download all the locations again and I figured "f it", I rather just play some games. I eventually did check out the RE5 place and Warhawk's but didn't do much from there. Weirdly enough though, I don't feel Home is any less populated now. Maybe they group people to servers behind the scenes or something but the amount of people present was pretty much the same as when Home launched.

I'll probably be checkin out Xi or whatever it is, but apart from that not much interests me yet. I hope to be able to earn virtual items in the near future by playing games. Kinda like SFIV did but just more and a bit cooler stuff (that Dan Shirt was kinda a bit too normal'ish).

Dandiego3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

This is what I hate about Sony this generation... instead of doing a game with their game developers they spent a whole lot of time doing Home which... well is bad. I would much rather see a new Syphon Filter game or whatever than see home. Bad decisions are stacking up for PS3 and I hope they can stop doing all these crap applications and start doing what made the PS2 a success: GAMES

I'm not saying they are not doing that now but the time already spent on making these application could have been used to do something we would actually play or use... I mean this must be another world but none of my friend play Home. As for makotokam if you want to talk to your friend send a chat invite and talk... unless you really want to dance with your virtual caracter at the same time.

FPShooter3487d ago

I disagree about that one. Judging from SONYS upcoming line up they are working with the developers closer than ever.

when game developers see HOME they see potential and opportunity. HOME is gonna be something special, but we all must be a little more understanding that these things take time.

We would all like to see more titles but nothings wrong with a company offering some variety.

makotokam3487d ago

but i find the fact that sony is trying to facilitate gamers who are gaming 24/7 to socialize just a little to be noble. even if it's in the form of a video game... -.-"

-EvoAnubis-3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

You're saying that because you personally don't like Home, it was a waste of time for them to do it? Hell, I could make the same argument for every sports game ever made from my viewpoint.

And Sony's London Studio never had anything to do with Syphon Filter, so I'm not understanding your logic there. Sony has more than 3 times the number of internal dev teams of either of their competition . . . they can afford to have one of them doing this. You don't like it, and that's fine. But according to the last count, there are 2.3 million people in the US alone that do, and use it regularly. I'm one of them, as are several of my friends.

If you don't like it right now, fine. You don't have to. Just play the games. Why is everyone forgetting that what Sony to the party in the first place was variety? No matter what kind of game or experience you wanted, the PlayStation brand has what you're looking for. You don't have to like everything.

Bren863487d ago

Home is so boring and just crap. Even ps3 owners don't like home so I bet sony must be slightly concerned about that.

Szarky3487d ago

I'd be curious to see what the statistics are for the percentage of people connected to the PSN and how many of them used home for each month.

ChozenWoan3487d ago

As we all know, both of those can't compare to Home which is why it gets so much hate. Then again the old saying applies to Home as to anything... "People don't hate you unless your doing something Good!"

Keep on truckin Sony.

I'm just glade I wont have to deal with all of the Home Haters as much once the EA space opens later this month.

DMasta7183487d ago

There is still a ton of people in there every time I go there once in a while.

jaseo3487d ago

i fired up home again to see Xi and RE area.

home has lots of potential. it's always interesting to check out new areas. the actual engine is quite impressive now. it runs a lot smoother than i remember. just little things like playing with the RC heli's is cool.

it's a good foundation to build on. It deserves support.

it's also the community that makes it. judging from some of the comments here, that's always going to be a problem ;)

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