Madden 10 for Wii getting unique, genre defining art style

In a recent PR today EA has announced Madden 10 for Wii. EA states the Wii version will have a "unique, genre defining art style". It's also said to deliver "social, dynamic experience for the entire living room."

EA in the Press Release also announced the release date of August 14th for the title and that the Wii version will be built from the ground up with a new Wii specific engine.

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Product3541d ago

cel shaded would be very nice. It better not be a kiddie type art style like the miis

SiLeNt KNighT3541d ago

unique, genre defining art style = crappy graphics

i just hope they make the ps3/360 version genre defining with game play.

2FootYard3541d ago

A bunch of miis running around?

Product3541d ago

thats what im afraid of but a more arcade style would be nice as well like Blitz

BGDad3541d ago

If they just built a brand new engine entirely from the ground up since last year this game would be a utter mess...

Anyway looking forward to this awesome genre defining experience.. Can you just seriously get the receivers to stop running the F out of bounds on screen passes.. Its been like 20 years now.. Thanks.

Azures3541d ago

just say they're getting a cel shaded crappier game.

ya know, if they came clean and called it that i would've bought it out of sheer honesty on their part.

Product3541d ago

All Play is not in the game this year for any EA sports game. Atleast its not being advertised but a novice difficulty might be the equivalent

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