Spelunky Review: Independent Gaming By Derek Yu (TrueGameHeadz)

TGH writes:
""Spelunky" combines the two genres so cohesively that neither genre is appropriate without the other. This Roguelike platformer puts the player in control of a nameless Indiana-Jones explorer, searching through caves and Incan-equse ruins for gold and adventure. Gold is a major resource in the game, as it's carried over from each level to purchase items, weapons, extra life and shortcuts after a player reaches a certain point. As with all Roguelikes, this games' platformer elements are not to be underestimated or taken for granted, as this game is HARD. At the start, your abilities are limited to really low jumping and wall-hanging, with more abilities that develop throughout the game. Monsters and traps cause damage with a very limited health, and there are more than enough ways to kill yourself in one hit. Hell, you can't even stay on a level for too long, or else..."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3541d ago

Good review. Waiting for the PSN remake to release OUTSIDE of Japan. :(