IGN:UFC 2009 Undisputed: Ground Game Breakdown

IGN-Anyone who watches UFC knows that there are elements from both traditional boxing and wrestling that happen in the Octagon. Where UFC so wonderfully differentiates itself is in the ground game. That is what UFC 2009 Undisputed must perfectly recreate in order to live up to the expectations of all the rabid fans out there. Thankfully, having spent a rather limited amount of time with the game myself, I can honestly say that THQ seems to be right on the money with their recreation.

The control dynamic, while it is unquestionably difficult to grasp, and will require quite some time in the tutorials included in UFC 2009 to master the right analog mechanic, seemed to allow for the accurate amount of flexibility and overall control needed to recreate the ground game...

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boss_killa3492d ago

hopefully they pull this off right, it could be one of the best fighting games this generation

LadiesFckMe3491d ago

No doubt, we'll find out how it is when the demo comes around.