Sony: PS3 Will Secure Blu-ray Format

"Just as PlayStation 2 is delivering on a 10-year lifecycle and helped expand and solidify the DVD format for home entertainment along the way," he said, "we believe Playstation 3 offers the same promise by helping secure the Blu-ray format."

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pixelsword3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I never owned a DVD player; I used the PS2... then a year or two later, I got a DVD-RW for my PC, and that was a wrap.

I'll likely do the same thing for Blu-Ray in that order.

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KionicWarlord2223490d ago

there are other formats coming out later . wonder if there will be a battle or bd wins?

Danja3490d ago

The Thing about Blu Ray unlike DVD is that it's way more expandable where as DVD's maxed out at 9GB , Blu Ray can keep expanding it storage capacity and most BR players will only need firmware updates...

so if another format comes out they'll have to have something that BR can't do...good to them with that...

Aclay3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

"there are other formats coming out later . wonder if there will be a battle or bd wins?"

Personally I think that Blu-ray will be the last Disc Format because of the steady Rise of Digital Distribution and because there really isn't a need for another format because it's not like the picture quality is going to get much better because Blu-ray already provides crisp and clear picture quality.

Digital Distribution still has a long way to go before it gets anywhere close to replacing a Physical format like Blu-ray though.

And like Danja pointed out, Blu-ray's disc capacity is expandable because there's been experimental tests completed with a single 200GB+ Blu-ray DVD, so even if there's some new format that has a higher capacity than Blu-ray, it really wouldn't be needed and the Format would more than likely fail just like HD-DVD.

dcbronco3490d ago

Blu-ray may have more capacity in the future, but the problem is most will have to buy a new player. Most of the players(outside of the PS3) can not be updated. The 2.0 players just arrived a few months ago and the main ones selling are the lower end players that aren't 2.0 compatible. No BD-live or updates. Even the low end Sony model needs external memory.

And Blu-ray has not been adopted faster. That's PR double speak based on a duplication company selling more machines, Singulus. Blu-ray has actually sold half the movies and players DVD did in the same period. After the first two years, DVD took off. Blu-ray is still up and down around 8% average. And year three is almost over. It has never hit a billion dollars in sales while DVD was doing over 2 billion by the end of the first two years.

As far as DD. That could be closer than we think. During GDC, Onlive claimed that the key to their product was an extremely small and fast compression technology. If it works on any content, and it should, it could make DD more viable quickly. If their gaming platform isn't a success, their technology could be licensed and they would still make millions.

Dragun6193490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

PS3 owners win overall

Blu ray
Pioneer's 400gb Disc that PS3 with an firmware update can use.

And if Digital Distribution takes over which i doubt it will, PS3 has the advantage as it offers a lot of Movies (I mean come on, Sony Pictures, Sony's own movie studio) and downloadable Retail Games such as Burnout Paradise and Warhawk. Plus every PS3 has an HDD which they can upgrade to 500gb for $120 or 320gb for $80 on Amazon unlike you know....the one that stuck with dvd, raised its prices for HDD such as 120gb HDD ($149.99), and boast Digital Distribution even though they put out a console without a hard drive.

Sarcasm3490d ago

"Another Format"

Would have to convince all the movie studios to convert their blu-ray facilities into whatever it is, as well as convince the millions of consumers "We're sorry we lead you into Blu-Ray, but but but this is better"

theEnemy3490d ago


HD-DVD got owned by blu-ray.

Even if Microsoft fully support a future disc media, it will also suffer the same fate as HD-DVD.

SL1M DADDY3490d ago

It is nearly impossible to take it down from the thrown without a significant throw down between competing formats. That is what we call a format war and it happens about every ten years or so, or so it would seem. If anything, the next format won't release for another 10 years and will more than likely fight for the lead with a competing format while BD sells off shelves as the current dominating format. DVD will go by the wayside in the next 3 to 5 years and then let the fighting begin.

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Godmars2903490d ago

PS3 my have shifted things in BR's favor against HD-DVD, but its missed its chance to be the flagship platform for it. Unlike the short time the PS2 was when stand alone DVD players where far more expensive.

Kushan3490d ago

I think the PS3's job of solidifying Blu-ray's position is pretty much done. It's the dominant HD format and there are now players out there cheaper than the PS3 (Yes, I know the PS3 is a "better" player, but if you're not a gamer, a cheaper player isn't really a problem and if you're a HD freak, chances are you'd go for a better player than the PS3 anyway).

Now they just need to "win" the battle against DVD. How about dropping prices of the films a bit?

UltimateIdiot9113490d ago

You can get Bluray movies for pretty cheap. I get my movies for around $16 but I get mostly Disney movies which tends to stay above most movies price anyway. Most bluray films are around $15 and with a little hunting around 10.
Of course, it won't be $2 like those DVD in bargain bins anytime soon but bluray are at fairly reasonable price these day.

Danja3490d ago

Considering BR adoption rate is way faster than that of DVD back in the day I think it's holding it's own ... and as you said PS3 has already played it's part in solidifying BR as the HD Format king , but there lots of way to get BR movies for cheap , Amazon for one has really good offers..

Edit: someone beat me to it :)

Kushan3490d ago

In the US, it's a different story than the UK. Over here, the average price for a BR is about £15. If you're lucky, you'll see them for £10, but that's still wildly expensive compared to their DVD counterparts, even for brand new releases.

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