1up: Gardening Mama Review

Jade Kraus: "Even with its frustrating controls, if you found yourself hooked on Cooking, you'll feel the same about Mama's adventures in Gardening -- with the same sense of accomplishment when you ace her assignments, and the same swearing and stylus throwing when things go horribly wrong. Also, like the previous titles' grounding in (fanciful) reality, the steps you take to create your garden are intricate and obviously taken from actual gardening. You may not realize that certain seeds should be scored before being planted, or that soaking the roots of an apple tree in water help it grow, so, in a very simplified way, you get to learn how to construct a real garden. In some ways, playing Gardening is more complicated than actual, physical gardening, but I do wish that when I watered my plants in real life a shining rainbow would burst out of the hose."

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