FF11 Players to pay for Account Security, Bigger Inventory

In a move that has annoyed and disappointed more than a few fans, Square Enix has decided to make some changes to FF11 including charging users for an all new 'Account Security Key' USB drive that protects players from hackers and account theft.

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jay23540d ago

F that, no way I'd be doing that, this is part of the reason I didn't get into WOW, and why I've not had LIVE for months, I pay for my ISP monthly, I pay for games once, I don't illegally download anything simple as........

Blasphemy3540d ago

Your already paying for the game monthly. I don't see the big deal with paying an extra $10 to keep your account safe. If you don't want to loose your account and all your hard work then what's $10. That's just my take on it anyway.

But as you said this is why I don't play MMOs. I am just not down with paying the monthly fee after I have already paid $50 for the game. I actually used to play FFXI. I played for two years and decided it really wasn't worth. I haven't played an MMO since FFXI.

Obama3540d ago

What? People still play ff11?

Myst3540d ago

Overall it's a step up in their security but I can definitely see how it might annoy some. Currently still playing the game, but more than likely I won't be purchasing this item at least until much later (When the steak is really on the line and I have a higher level character).

Always cautious about account security since my information is pretty much on that card and a nice little boost will be really helpful. Especially since you only have 30 slots in the inventory for some things and not to mention clothes/armor take up slots to. Though I wonder if that is the only two changes that will be done due to the USB drive or perhaps more? Seems quite a few MMOs are doing this now as I believe WoW is doing it to.

dcbronco3540d ago

When you purchase an account, security is a given. No one should have to pay extra. What happens to those that refuse. They allow their accounts to get broken into. I would never buy their products.

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