GameSpot: Guitar Hero: Metallica Review

GameSpot writes: "There are a bunch of Metallica-themed extras included, from live video of performances to Metallifacts, which are performances of each song accompanied by trivia about the band, the song, and the game. The robust music studio from World Tour is back with a few new guitar sounds, but this game is really about playing songs, not recording them. At 49 songs, the game gives you less than the $60 World Tour, but $60 is less than you pay for 49 downloaded songs, so it's really a matter of perspective. Metallica haters should steer clear, and metalheads should snatch it up. For World Tour players who are on the fence, Guitar Hero: Metallica is a solid game with a strong setlist that offers you a great fake-plastic-rock experience".

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greenmeanie3486d ago

The songs are significantly longer songs. So in a way it probably ends up being the same amount of game time. I am not going to add it all up, but with the average Metallica song being 5-6 minutes and the average regular song being 3-4 minutes I say it seems more than fair pricing. I don't think expansion packs should cost full price, but I do not consider this an expansion pack. Its a whole brand new guitar hero game! And I honestly cant think of a band with a more impressive setlist to carry their own game at the moment besides the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. I mean sure we all have our fav bands, but playing Guitar Hero Metallica made me realize just how broad this band is! I mean there literally is something for everyone in this game! I mean whether your an old Metallica fan, a newer Metallica fan, a "Puppets Only" fan, or a casual Metallica listener this game has some of the best riffs and most fun gameplay I have ever played in a guitar hero game! (except the Slayer song which is just ridiculously hard to play and not even a great Slayer song at that!). This is how Guitar Hero Aerosmith should have been! But it also made me realize just how many few bands out there can actually pull this off! I mean we all like our certain bands, but do you really think a Guitar Hero Slipknot or Slayer can actually hold its own? I mean some would argue yes, but I cant think of that many songs those bands have to make up a collection this big! Take guitar Hero Aerosmith for example. We all love Aerosmith! Great band, great music,and just straight up classic in every right! And guess what? GH Aerosmith comes out and I cant even recognize half the songs! I mean Metallica is not my favorite band by any means, and I still couldnt think of a better choice for a whole game dedicated to a band! Great job on this one Guitar Hero! Bring on Guitar Hero Zeppelin and Nine Inch Nails and I will be set for life!

jammy_703486d ago

this is probs longer than world tour

this review sucks, you dont really need a review to see if you want it or not, see the game title, you like you get simple as that!