The Wii Third Party Solution Fix

"One major question on gamers' and certainly publisher's mind this generation is, "Why doesn't third party games sell as well as first party on the Wii?" And I think the reason why they don't sell as well as first party titles is quite obvious, and has been overlooked by the gaming press and gamers."

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Seferoth753584d ago

Demos? Really that is just retarded. Quality is the reason they do not sell as well. Guitar Hero sales better on Wii because the game is actually good and on par with the other console versions. Shaun White snowboarding is another example of the Wii version selling better.

It's not impossible to sell your games on Wii, you just have to offer quality. Boom Blox sold well enough to warrant a sequel. De Blob,Force Unleashed, NMH, Red Steel, and so on and so on. Hell Nintendo just said the other day they have 75 million sellers in the US alone. 60 or so of those must be 3rd party because Nintendo isnt making all 75 games.

I think it is a matter of certain publishers are selling because they offer good games or something unique and others are not getting first rate sales because they do not treat the Wii and their Wii games as first rate.

redonix763584d ago

I do believe that quality of games is the cause. Look at all the shovelware out there on the Wii. Lots of boring mini games and crappy ports.

People now a days want a game to be more challenging and more rewarding to play. Seeing these crappy games actually being published really offends me as a gamer. All these 3rd party Devs basically jump on the bandwagon hoping to make a quick buck just because of the huge console install base.

I'm also sad to say that I've worked on a few of these crappy games..but it's not my fault though, please don't kill me!!

BrotherNick3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

To show what games are great to play, and they need to support third parties by giving the praise that they earn. The flood of crappy games is making the wii look bad overall. I know there are some good games for the wii, people aren't knowledgeable. Give them knowledge. Pick the cream of the crop, first second or third party, and advertise the hell out of them, for free. You got the money. It'll cause more competition to make better games, that you will take them under your wings for their hard efforts. Call it Cream of the Crop, and put 15 games on the pedestal each year.