Final Fantasy VII On PSN In May

Square Enix today announced that cult classic fantasy RPG Final Fantasy VII will be making it's way onto the PlayStation Network in Europe and North America this May in the PSOne Classics service.


Confirmed as an April Fools joke, expect a public apology when UK offices open again (it's currently 3am in the UK).

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TheHater3486d ago

yes it is and a very poor one at that too.

White-Sharingan3486d ago

ugh...I better not come to N4g tomorrow...

velaxun3486d ago

def calling BS on this one. If it were true it would be on some major site, not some site no one's heard of.

SullyDrake3486d ago

April fools is tomorrow...

WildArmed3486d ago

The sig. of the article has the following date:
Wednesday 01, April 2009

Also, its a no named site....

solar3486d ago

even if it is april fool's.....6 was better.

Tapewurm3486d ago

If it is true...then, it's about damn time.... If not....DOH!!! Would be awesome to play that game again on the PSP. Officially that is :)

Lifendz3486d ago

had me going until I looked at the source.

SaiyanFury3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Pretty lousy joke. They know that FFVII would rock on the PSN. What poor taste in humour that site has.

Baba19063486d ago

not funny, just evil. =D evil evil people.

whoelse3486d ago

Most obvious April fools of the day.

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THC CELL3486d ago

april fools

go away

ps4 tomorrow

Connoro3486d ago

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure it's legit.

Panthers3486d ago

Well you wrote/contributed it. So yea you would say that

Somnus3486d ago

Thank you for posting so I could give you negative feedback for the most awful April Fools joke I've ever seen.

velaxun3486d ago

actually when you look it it, it's actually kinda clever now that I think about it. People have been begging for FFVII for a while so it's only natural that some one would make a joke out of it. We're just mad cuz he got our hopes up >.<

PirateNinjaBunny3486d ago

Wherever this is being posted from its April first

Do not believe

Connoro3486d ago

There's also an article up announcing Frictional Game's new game Unknown published April 1st, and that's definitely not fake (since it was actually announced today, March 31st).

Tony P3486d ago

@Connor: And it's signed April 1st so come off it already.

We know it's a joke. You think John Yamamoto himself would drop a bombshell like this with absolutely no hype and only to Zconnect? You have got to be joking...oh wait, you are.

The fact that you're in here defending your own joke article by saying "it's real!" instead of offering up further proof only cements the fact, imo.

Oh, your comparison btw... The game Unknown actually has video showcasing it and the engine behind it. And it's dated March 31st unlike this article. This isn't the joke you hoped it would be, so just let it go.

Marceles3486d ago

“Final Fantasy VII is a great new addition to PSOne Classics. It’s simple to understand and easy to pick-up and play, but there is a great depth to the game and an addictive quality that make it ideal for the platform. I hope that many people experience and enjoy it.”

Definite April fools.

Connoro3486d ago

Why does that quote make it fake?

Marceles3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Because you wrote it Connor Beaton?

And it sounds like something I could make up and write too?