"Final Fantasy XIII should come to Xbox 360", says Sakaguchi

"It makes so much sense to me", comments Blue Dragon man and FF creator.

After leaving the company to bring his RPG duo Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey to Xbox 360, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi says that Square Enix should bring Final Fantasy to Microsoft's console.

The Mistwalker boss told Gamespot: "I feel that the Final Fantasy series should come to Xbox 360 as well. This is wise. It makes so much sense to has so much potential in North America and in Europe. So there's a great chance for the series to succeed on 360 as well."

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Says you4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

Considering that Final Fantasy XIII is already for the PS3 and
further more there will never be a Final Fantasy game for the 360
considering it is a boring system and even though that he's the creator of Final Fantasy I doubt that Square Enix will agree with him.

frostbite064256d ago

"it is a boring system".....boring, oh thats right, the ps3 is getting Home. Why cant my boring 360 ever get anything exciting like that. Im just gonna have to wait for my boring 07 line up and maybe play some of that halo 3 when it comes out when i get really bored.

TOM4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

I take it you dont realize that there already is a FF game on 360? Hope your wrong once again.while I havent thought much of FF since 7, It would still be a great thing for 360 fans.

ASSASSYN 36o4256d ago

Funny I thought I played a Final Fantasy beta a last year on my 360...what could that have been?

Black Republican4256d ago

ha i thought i was going to be first to post
I was going to say

well got beat to the punch....

THAMMER14256d ago

But... I do understand that the Final fantasy games are very expensive to create. The PS3 just dose not have the install base for a big profit. So a 360 addition should seem like a smart move to the business savvy.

I might seem like a rock head. But I do have a problem with playing with game characters that look like Man chicks or metrosexuals. Just cannot get down with that $#!t. But I do think a 360 version will make them some bread.

BOOSTIN4256d ago

keep you fanboy comments to yourself. square enix would make a TON more money if they brought the game to 360 as well. there are PLENTY more 360s in homes right now and avoiding 14 million gamers who would definatly buy this game is just plain dumb, but if high profile games like teh FF series DID come to 360 I could definatly see a monopoly in the works and the console war would end up with the cheaper console being the winner and then we wouldnt have a choice in the future as to what console you would want to buy.

The Karate Kid4256d ago

Look at this stupid microsoft bought idiot.........OK then if thats the case shouldnt Blue Dragon & Lost oddysey appear on the PS3?????????? COnsidering the there are more PS3's sold in Japan than 360's if your going to make a comment like that then you should live up to those words. It would make more sense to put those 2 games on the PS3 aswell!!!!!!!! Maybe if you werent so bought out by microsoft you would be able to think logically!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Snake4256d ago

Porting a game from PS3 to 360 wouldn't be as difficult or time consuming (expensive) as porting the other way around.

JasonXE4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey are being publish by ms gaming studio. Im not totally sure but if that's the case then it can't get ported unlike 'UBIsoft' enchanted arms. I also heard that 2 final fantasy games are being made or ported to the xbox 360 last year. No source of this since it was a old article but if anybody remembers then can you please post this.

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The story is too old to be commented.