SceneGamer: Killzone 2 Review

SceneGamer writes: "One of the most important aspects of first person shooters is the satisfaction the player gets from using the weapons. Some good FPS have been let down by poor weapon designs that just left the player unsatisfied. It doesn't matter if you're firing an AK-47 or a Plasma Rifle, it needs to look and sound good, and you need to feel like you're delivering pain to the enemy. Thankfully, the weapons in Killzone 2 are incredibly satisfying to use, everything from the M82 rifle you begin with to the more powerful stuff you unlock later on and everything in between feels effective to use. There is a nice mix of weapon choice too, from sniper rifles to flame-throwers to lightning guns. Whatever tickles your fancy, really."

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aldesko3488d ago

Looking forward to their Heavenly Sword review =)

scenegamer3487d ago

I don't think we'll be reviewing such an old title at this stage :P