Sony Has a Heart After All

Even if it's this creepy, pulsating rig assembled from gutted Bravias, Walkmen and VAIO for a British football commercial. But where is all the blood?

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terrandragon3491d ago

Lol, all of Sony's heart goes to the living room.

XxZxX3491d ago

That's a good commercial. Creepy but sent a strong message!!

PS3istheshit3491d ago

looks like the ghosts from super mario 64 are doing it lol
not that i would know or anything

hehehe ...
hey guys where are you going?

UltraNova3491d ago

Sony's adds are getting weirder by the day! I liked the baby one back when the ps3 had lunched lol it made children scared sh-less !

But the best one is the rubics cube no doubt!

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2FootYard3491d ago

I use to have a heart then damn aliens took it! I don't know how I'm still alive.

Xwow20083491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

sony ads mostly strange but cool :)

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The story is too old to be commented.