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TPGer says, "If there is a word to describe Ancient Frog, it is classy. Everything about the game just screams class. It's all very nice-looking, and well done. It's probably the most polished game on the iPhone. But polish and class doesn't mean a lick of the game isn't any good. Is it any good? If you want to find out, and I'm assuming why you're reading this, then might I suggest that you read on?"

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killyourfm3490d ago

This game reminds me a bit of Zen Bound in terms of its polish. Looks really enjoyable. Thanks for the review...just wish the price was a touch lower.

CrAppleton3490d ago

Yeah it does. Looks like another addition to the list of "I wish I had an iPhone so I could play these games"

CrAppleton3490d ago

So many great iPhone games out there.. it's crazy!

Neco5123490d ago

There really are a lot of great iPhone games! The iPhone is a MAJOR contender in the portable wars

TheMART3490d ago


I own an iPhone and a Fat and Slim PSP, but the iPhone isn't a contender in the real handheld gaming section. It misses real buttons to smash that feels so good in most games.

It just found a new niche of tilt/sensing gaming. But for example the NES/Mario emu's are not very great to play pushing fingers over the screen.

Neco5123490d ago

Looks amazing! I should pick this one up for sure! Thanks for the review

CrAppleton3490d ago

Yeah for sure.. thanks TPG!

Spolodaface3490d ago

Bloody hell, how do you guys keep up with all these iPhone releases. Now, if my PSP had this many quality titles i'd be a happy chappy.