Rumor Killers: World of Warcraft 360, PlayStation Price Drop, Sony/Microsoft Motion Controllers

Will the world's biggest MMO finally see a console release, will Sony yet again follow Nintendo's innovative footsteps, and will the PlayStation 2 see a price cut?

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Viewtiful3488d ago

WoW on 360 would be utter fail. FFXI worked on the PS2 because it was designed from the ground up to work on a console. The WoW interface is so complex that it would be impossible to map to a controller.

SlamVanderhuge3488d ago

...yeah FFXI didn't really work though. Such a shoe-horned effort

HarukoHex3488d ago

actually FFXI works amazing on consoles, but WoW will never work on a console, Raids would be imposible on a console due to members having massive UIs and there WTF folder *yes thats a real folder in WoW* you would be un able to add the custom UI stuff on consoles so the game would never work, not to mention the the fact the servers would more then likely never be connected, so you would end up with very few members on the 360 server and most people would not just switch there characters over to the 360 version either. so WoW on any console = failure. no matter if its ps3, 360, 720, ps4, anything other then PC = flop for a MMO of that size.

Montrealien3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

FFXI was built from the ground up to work on anything, that was the whole Idea of Crystal tools, and the first sign that Square do not want to be exclusive to one console, but be able to publish their games on many platforms. And you would be surprised at the amount of people that play it still on the PS2 an 360.

but I agree, WoW on consoles just cant work. However Diablo? most definitely.

NeverforgetNES3488d ago

PS2 big annoucement....price cute. :(

KionicWarlord2223488d ago

rumour i like saying that any way wow would be interesting see on a console using the controller.i dont think i would enjoy playing it but seeing it would be interesting.

brycespitler3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

does not kill rumors...

they grade the rumor with their opinion.

so apparently common sense is the actual rumor killer

and who the hell cares about a ps2 price cut?

i didnt know ppl still havent owned one yet... get with the times ppl

Xwow20083488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

1-the hard drive is not a standard on 360 even if they bundled the hard with the game it will rise the price( maybe 100$)

2-u need mouse and keyboard 2 play it, there is no way 2 use wow interface with controllers.

3-most of who play wow use add ones, u know MS will not allow it.

4- u have 2 pay xboxlive and blizzard 2 play the game.

5- there is no web browser on 360 how u r gonna check wow web site for the latest patches and latest news or the armory.

6- is the 360 owner a mmo player??

maybe blizzard want 2 expand their market 2 consoles but i think ps3 will be better for hosting wow it got hardddrive standard, free online
web browser, more open network service than ms.

but in my opinion wow is best on Pc.
edit: i know the article said that wow unlikely going 2 360 but i wanted 2 kill those rumors myself :)

KionicWarlord2223488d ago

they made rts on console with ground up controls . why cant they do the same with wow? :)

Xwow20083488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

rts is deferent than mmo.

1-u can play it without harddrive (load from disk),in MMO u need 2 install the game for many reasons like(huge areas, when u go in raids with many players it will be hard 2 interact with them because u need 2 stream from the hard drive then u upload and download the results will be serious frame drops and lags,long loading times,etc)

2-rts interface compared 2 mmo is like a child play,

3-its right u can use controller 2 play rts but its very annoying especially for who used 2 play rts on PC.
in MMO games u have alot of buttons u need 2 press in battels and u need 2 chat and do other thing so controllers will be a complete fail compared 2 mouse+keyboard .
u have 2 play wow 2 believe me :) ,wow interface is very complex, they can,t put it in controller because it will be very hard and annoying and will be no fun 2 play the game.

4- there is no subscribe fees for playing rts, great mmo games needs a subscribe because they provide u with high quality servers and a 24 customer services.

in the end u can play rts games in consoles but mmo is a really hard task especially the x360( the reasons i typed in my first comment)
also if they released it on ps3 it will not sell a lot because console players are not mmo players.

if they want 2 release a mmo game for consoles they have 2 build a game from the ground 2 work on consoles.

mouses and keyboards are must for MMOs :)

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