New Ninja Gaiden Sigma Images

Here are some amazing scans from the upcoming Ninja Gaiden "Remake" for the Playstation 3. Its a Ninja Gaiden Like you have never seen before. Enjoy.

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techie4628d ago

Hm these scans are lovely...but you have been on IGN and looked at the direct feed images though right? Now they are bloody impressive.

GaMr-4628d ago (Edited 4628d ago )

These are much newer and reflect more of the final build. They will be released on gamesites soon enough. But I like giving you guys the jump. Thats what makes N4G hot.


"This is why im hot, This is why im hot...this is why this is why this is why im hot... im hot cause im fly you aint cause you not... this is why this why im hot"

marionz4628d ago

the origonal xbox version was a masterpiece so just imagine how good the ps3 version will be!
hopefully they make it slightly easier though, the NG on the xbox was kinda tough in places and made you really work if you wanted to get anywhere but it was still one of the most rewarding games on xbox
now bring on a 360 version! i cant wait for the next chapter in this game!

sajj3164628d ago

I bought NG Black for my Xbox 360 (BC) but kept it on the shelf (as a collectors item) when I heard about Sigma. Can't' wait to boot this sucker up and get me some!

SIX4628d ago

What's most impressive, you can't see it with these scans, is that there are absolutely no jaggies at all. Everything looks like pre rendered sequences.