GTR Staff Podcast Debate: Modern Warfare 2 VS Halo 3:ODST & The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Interview

This week the Gamertag Radio staff had a huge debate about Modern Warfare 2 VS Halo 3:ODST. This all started last night during the recording of the show while posting the new GTR Twitter Question of the week:

Do you think Modern Warfare 2 will affect games like Halo 3:ODST and current main FPS titles?

Listen to the show and give us your feedback about this debate. Also we have an interview with Starbreeze Studios the developers of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for the Xbox 360, PS3 & PC. Enjoy the new show!

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is going to destroy killzone. Hell, half life destroys killzone. Warhawk kills killzone.

The gaming GOD3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Will Modern Warefare 2 beat out Killzone 2? Maybe, maybe not.

You are the only poster here even trying to bring up KZ2. Which means you're nothing more than a flaming troll. Every time you talk it's ps3 bash. If you don't like the system, sell it. Stop crying every other minute about it.

BTW, Killzone 2 is doing just fine and currently stands as the best fps game for now. Got to be a million seller fast enough didn't it?

Who knows, maybe that Zeebo crap is more to your liking :)

jBat173489d ago

it'll do the same this year.. i wonder how these games would improve in terms of graphics... will cod still be photo-realistic? will gaylo still be sub-HD?


lifespan killzone 2 had huh?

every day i relize more and more what a piece of bullshit my ps3 is besides warhawk. a blu ray player with garbage games. sony sure did lose their touch.

jBat173489d ago

we, xbots, have no good games at all.. gears of lag 2 is broken, gaylo is sub-HD and ghey, HD_DVD is dead, and we just have flop after flop after flop..

XLiveGamer3489d ago

So this its about games killing other games lets see...

This year Operation Flashpoint 2 & A.R.M.A. 2 do a Tag Team and kill all of them.