The Future Of Online Dating

The whole photo-and-text model of the current-day social networks seem to be growing old fast as people are thirsting for a better simulation of the falling in love process in cyberspace. "If I'm going to get involved online, I'd rather meet people in a 3-D virtual environment. The avatars they choose and the environments they build tell me more about them than their online dating profiles."

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GaMr-4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

I love it. Everyone is taking notes from me.

"Provactive pictures make your articles hot"

Page 3: in the GaMr handbook.

PS. I still think my Avi's ass is better though. Although that one is very nice.

grifter0244255d ago

Ok wow ... I like girls asses but that one is ridiculous...i dont like that one weird.... Soo the ps3's home is a dating sim?????? HAHAHAHA..... this is so funny.... Change the pic it looks ugly.... Plus I am not taking notes form you so its not everyone haha LOL....

Rasputin20114255d ago

I always thought you showed alot of @$$ because you talked alot of SH!T....but after actually reading your posts here and there..your not all that bad.