Sony needs to get PS2 games back on the PS3

With no backwards compatible PS3 model on the market, many Playstation fans have been frustrated. With such a great library of games at their fingertips, why can't they enjoy these classics? Why can't Sony put PS2 games on the PSN, or create some form of software to allow backwards compatibility?

MattG at HHG looks into this issue and pleas with Sony to allow PS3 owners the chance to play some of their favorite classics.

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jack who3490d ago

i think they did a good job lowering the ps3 dev kit but then lowers the ps2 why not ps3?

Sevir043490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

removing BC from the PS3 was a great idea.. I would never want a nexg gen console that has to stand on last gen games to show it's pwer and appeal. BC was cool with in the first 3 months of the PS3's life on the shelve but after that the games were flowing... witha ll the game now.. The ps3 needs no PS2 games on it. Show the stregnth of the machine with Next gen Software...

I can honestly say with the excepction of 2 games on the PS2 I'll never go back to playing PS2 games. HD is it for me... I feel like i'm steping back into the ice age. Things are too great to go back with This gen. The PS2 is 99 bucks... if they add it it would jack up teh price of the PS3.. Just buy a PS2 now if you want to play PS2 games that much.

thebudgetgamer3490d ago

i still play 2600 games and am always willing to go back and play games of old. moving forward does not mean you have to burn your history. with thousands of games for the ps2 at budget friendly prices it would be a win win for me and many others, and i would be able to pass my ps2 on to some needy gamer.


WildArmed3490d ago

But im not gonna lie..
I wanna play Shadow of colossus again, and the only thing holding me back is... i wanna play it on my ps3. (yes i have a 60GB) But i dont feel like going out to buy it. When i go out, I get tempted by next-gen games. Heck! I wouldn't mind d/l and playing the FFX and FFXII again. The convience of having them on the HDD is a big thing. Esp. 4 RPG fans, since this gen has been disappointing in that area so far.
Heck! it'd be more awesome if they implement remote play on PS2 games too! like for what they have for all PS1 games

i_i_n3490d ago


"The convience of having them on the HDD is a big thing. Esp. 4 RPG fans, since this gen has been disappointing in that area so far."

quoted for truth. i love the rpg genre like there is no tomorrow, but this gen has been sub-par at best IMHO. the last RPG i played was actually an SNES one, Lufia II. i love going back to the good ol' days of RPGs.

back on topic, i believe that the PS2 BC taken out of the PS3 was a smart decision from a BUSINESS standpoint. the ps2 is still making them money. if people *really* want to play PS2 games, they'll use/buy a PS2 if their PS3 isn't capable. from a consumer standpoint though, i can easily see how this upsets many many people, especially because i'm sure a fair amount of PS3 owners have a pretty solid PS2 library.

i'm 100% certain that before the PS2 is done, the PS3 will at least have a FW update to allow emulation on the PS3.

Marceles3490d ago

Even though I have a launch PS3, I agree they should've kept BC with the system. Why not have PS3 be BC to the best selling console of all time? The recent price drop makes it even less of a big deal, but it would be convenient

Sarcasm3490d ago

It's nice that you can play PS2 games again, but come on folks. People who buy a PS3 now will more than likely just want to play PS3 games.

Those lucky 20gb, 60gb owners get to enjoy both though.

LONEWOLF2313490d ago

Nah man the do need to bring BC back.
There are some games that are on the PS2 that i would like to play, Yakuza 2 anyone?

xionpunk3490d ago

No way BC is awesome and provides us with options. There are games that I have missed that I would love to go back and play. I picked up a cheap copy of FFX over the weekend... It would be nice to be able to play on the PS3.

Dread3490d ago

aside from the price, the only thing holding me back from buying a playstaiton3 is the lack of BC.

I have been a gamer since the Atari 500 (yes the one with the wooden finish) and i love my old games. For me bc is paramount. In Sony's case it is worst, because they arguably have the biggest and most comprehensive collection of games out there.

You can defend sony all u want, but as a gamer i feel BC is necesary. If MS did the same thing with the next system i would feel the same way. And i know the 360 is not completely BC, but i do not think we can reasonably compare both collections.

Removing BC was a huge mistake, and those who do not care, or worst, think it is great idea, are doing a diservice to us gamers. Why not demand BC.. think about it will guarantee that your old games retain value (among other benefits)
Perhaps you re-sell your old games or simply do not like playing old games, but let me tell u, games have more value than just using them as a way to get cheaper new games.


steel213490d ago

This is the first time in a long time I have seen a serious debate without having to listen to fanboys throw fits.

On topic though, I truly wished that all Playstation consoles supported backwards compatibility. I have a launch sixty GB console, but, my wife has a non BC 40 GB (yes, we each have our own PS3) She constantly gripes about how she wants to play her old favorite PS2 games.

gaminoz3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Nah...backwards compatibilty is something that may not pay you back financially, but makes your buyers happier about the transition and able to go on nostalgia trips to their past great games.

Getting rid of it was a really stupid decision. I mean the 360 has more backwards compatible games now and they never promised it like Sony did. I couldn't afford the inital run of PS3s that had emulation (that's all they had here in OZ...not the chip) but when the 40 gig came along I bought it but was sad they got rid of even that emulation.

To new buyers it may not be important, but how many people would love to get out their old Resident Evil 4 (PS2) and play it again after playing Resident Evil 5? Who wants to keep old machines around...but old games: yes...even if they aren't played a lot.

Anon19743490d ago

It's the PS2. You buy a PS3 to play PS3 games. Why is this hard to understand? I didn't buy a 360 to play Xbox games, or my Wii to play Gamecube games. If I wanted to I would have just kept those consoles instead of giving them to my nieces.

Tsar4ever013490d ago

Sony playstation is the 1st, THE FIRST console in HISTORY that supported it's last gen console, buy designing it's next console to allow their consumers to play their titles of the previous gen. NO GAMING CONSOLE FROM THE PAST DONE THIS UNTIL SONY PIONEERED it. And because of that Microsoft as well as Nintendo had to follow suit, *to a degree because their fan base would not stand for it.

I remember reading a old NEXTGEN mag about Microsoft announcing it's XBOX360 and stated that it wasn't gonna follow the path of PS2 by allowing backward compatibility to the upcoming x360, The xbox fans WENT BALLISTIC!!! And DEMANDED Microsoft put it in. Microsoft had to eat their words by making another press release that the x360 would have *limited BC. for the most popular games. *Ala HALO series, etc..

People fail to remember what Kutaragi's vision for the playstation franchise was designed to be. He said it was a was suppose to be entertainment platform that constantly EVOLVES without dismissing support from it's earlier platform

PS/PSOne-CD DISC 3D gaming platform that 2nd as a cd player.

PS2-CD/DVD disc 3d gaming platform that offers online gaming and 2nd as a *DVD movie player and still a cd player.

PS3-Offers HI_DEF 3D gaming, CD/DVD/*BLU-RAY movie support, online gaming, disc drive for data downloads and media storage w Wi-fi broadband connectivity.

This is what the PS franchise was suppose to be, but it backed fired because all those capabilities comes at a COST. Most people STILL see playstation as JUST a *gaming platform. But Kutaragi wanted it to evolve into an all around DIGITAL MULTI-MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT system, designed to pretty much DO IT ALL.

And support it's earlier generation platforms.

kwicksandz3490d ago

Actually defending cutting features??

Yes sony sell me less for the same money!

Uzesgelen_Goo3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

yeah man finished Yakuza 2 last christmas on my ps3 (^_^)
(i was too lazy to unpack my old ps2 hehe)
also @Tsar4ever i agreed

SL1M DADDY3490d ago

You would have kept or are still using your PS2. With the PS2 now at 99 bucks, anybody that wants to play those games can and Sony going this route saves us who just want the PS3 for current generation games money. Yeah I know the argument of having to hook up another console but if you are that dedicated to the old games then you will have no problem hooking up a few extra wires.

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BIOSHOT3490d ago

the ps2 is 99$ buy one cheap gamers.

BIOSHOT3490d ago

i agree ps2 games on hd tv looks lake ass plus the ps2 is 99$ cheap gamers.

dragunrising3490d ago

Agreed. The PS2 is $100 and there is no reason to include it back in the PS3. Sony is trying to drop the price of the PS3...not raise it with unnecessary functionality. I wish I had gotten a 60 GB when it was still out but I'm just fine having an 80 GB PS3 and PS2.

PooEgg3490d ago

I think it is less about people being too cheap to buy a PS2, and more about people not wanting to deal with having to haul out their old PS2 to play PS2 games.

pain777pas3489d ago

On the PS3 you can put smothing on and put the screen to normal and those PS2 games look good some others like Rogue galaxy and FF12 look deceptively really good. Others were just not that pretty to begin with. Playing Suidoken 5 right now. Got interested after getting the original on the PSP off PSN. BC is a great thing. Alpha anthology, GOW series too many good games to list its ridiculous. BC is not in the PS3 because the PS2 is still selling.

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