A.D.D. The iPhones Warioware Killer?

IUGO dropped AppGamer a line to let them know of a new game of theirs due to hit the iPhone in May. The game is called A.D.D or just "Another Dumb Distraction" to those adverse to acronyms. The title will feature 60 mini games that are said to be "jam packed with jumour, culture, controversy and personality" and appears to feature some funky looking cartoon graphics.

Given the iPhone has a touchscreen and an accelerometer it could theoreticaly combine the best elements of Warioware Twisted! and Warioware Touched! into one game.

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Chrysis3486d ago

Sorry, that should say "jam packed with humour..."

Vol3486d ago

Looks fun! I love Warioware so hopefully this won't dissapoint.

Myst3485d ago

I'm not going to lie I thought the A.D.D meant Attention Deficit Disorder, which would be the iPhones' warioware killer. I was thinking. "What the hell?! XD"

Yet the game or complication as it may be sounds rather interesting. 60 mini-games and all on the go with the iPhone actually sounds rather appealing.

LeonSKennedy4Life3485d ago

This is a WTF rip-off.

It has that hand mini-game too.