Wii Fit for the tech savvy adult


"Let's face it: your average adult is not working out with the Nintendo Wii. That doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from a more enjoyable exercise experience, but more that they don't take Wii Fit seriously as a legitimate exercise program.

Enter the ProForm 850 with GameFit Technology. What the eff does "GameFit Technology" mean? Well, it means that this elliptical has some sweet games built in that you can play while working out. When I say sweet, of course, I mean totally lame."

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h0tz0rz3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

LOL, Wii Fit for adults is just a regular piece of exercise equipment with games in it.

L80BelfDK3514d ago

Ha ha ha, I totally understand where this article comes from. I would be embarrassed if someone caught me working out on Wii Fit (since I'm not a hot chick), but I wouldn't be embarrassed at all if I had games built into my regular exercise equipment and someone saw me working out.

Vault Boy3514d ago

So I still don't understand how exactly these games work with the thing. This writer needs to try out the thing and explain it to me or find out more information on how the games work.

Milk is for Babies3514d ago

I would assume that like the faster you run the faster your character in the game runs... or something.

Cookigaki3514d ago

The only adults that should ever use wii fit are hot chicks. And they should record it. And they should post it online so Cookigaki can see.

Twizlex3514d ago

Cookigaki, you are some kind of genius. Everything you say is just brilliant.

h0tz0rz3514d ago

Why not just watch porn?

Cookigaki3514d ago

Women just don't get it sometimes. Guys don't always just want to watch naked porn sex girls. Sometimes it's better to use some imagination and just see MOSTLY naked chicks or chicks in hot dress up.

Vault Boy3514d ago

Yeah like cheerleaders and nurses lol!

Seferoth753514d ago

In most cases our imaginations come up with something that looks a lot better than what is actually under there.

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