Thompson wants to 'destroy' Take-Two

The continuing legal battle between publisher Take-Two and Jack Thompson became more aggressive over the weekend as the controversial Miami attorney threatened to "destroy" the publisher after it filed a pre-emptive lawsuit.

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WTF4258d ago

Oh REALLY!!??? Didn't know.

JPomper4258d ago

The man's a loonie and he doesn't even know it.

dachiefsman4258d ago

Wow! This really takes the cake....This guy is a whack job!

WTF4258d ago

He writes VERY Star Wars,maybe in the future, the next Star Wars film(if there is one), he will make the dialog of Darth Vader.Look out Jorge Lucas, Darth ASS (Thompson) is coming,may your a$$ be with you.

darkvenom4258d ago

is this guy going to learn that he can't win!