x360a: Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Review

x360a writes: "The life of a parent is a tough job indeed. There are so many awkward and testing rites of passage that you must pass through in your child's lifetime, that by the end of it, you're just an empty shell. You are constantly asked questions like ... "why are trees tall?" ... "what's the point in the sky?" both have which have been uttered by my niece in recent weeks, but the testing one has got to be "where do babies come from?" We've all had the birds and the bees chat that most parents dread (not more than the kids themselves though), however, mine had it easy. I learnt all my amazing womanizing skills from a character back in the late 80's known as the Lounge Lizard, Leisure Suit Larry. Thanks to this old point and click adventure title from back in the day my parents didn't have to suffer the dreaded question - which might be the reason I'm a self loving (or is that loathing) narcissist today. The latest in a long line of Leisure Suit Larry titles, Box Office Bust, is now upon us hoping to educate the youth of today in how not to speak to women..."

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anh_duong3585d ago

anyone own up to ever buying a leisure suit larry game?

Hellsvacancy3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Theres nothin out at the minute that interests me that much so my next rental will b between Res5, Afro Samurai or Leisure Suit Larry i need 2 wait and c wot they send me

RadientFlux3585d ago

I've never bought one but I have played a few of the old PC games when I was younger. Haven't tried any of the recent/console titles

Jockamo3585d ago

...don't knock the classics. These bastardizations are nothing compared to the old Sierra grade.