Modern Warfare 2 beta image is a fake

DarkZero: "This is probably the first time you've seen the above image, as it is not doing the the rounds around the internet just yet.

However, Robert Bowling, Community Manager at Infinity Ward, has quickly jumped aboard the train before it even left the station to tell us the image is in fact a fake."

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JeffGUNZ3487d ago

It looks a little to vegas like.

sonyjunky2793487d ago

yeah, it was easy to tell it was fake, too many colors going on, it looked retarded

Cajun Chicken3487d ago

Fake! AHA! Apparently IW has dropped the CoD name for the future of Modern Warfare branching into a separate franchise!

wwedx3487d ago

If it wernt for that i would think it was maybe legit

Sevir043487d ago

.... shame on you fakes... It's Modern Warfare 2...

locos853487d ago

I would never have thought this was a real image.

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The story is too old to be commented.