Reggie Doesn't Think OnLive Will Work

Speaking to the WSJ at GDC 2009, Reggie (Nintendo Of America President) had somewhat harsh words about the recently announced OnLive gaming service.

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Godmars2903492d ago

This from a guy who's console has a virtual arcade?!

DelbertGrady3492d ago

He had a loaded Wiimote pointed to his head during the interview.

SullyDrake3492d ago

Reggie doesn't WANT OnLive to work.

JsonHenry3492d ago

I think it will work. I mean, IT ALREADY works.

The question is - How well does it work? What is the lag time? If I am playing a PC game on Onlive can I expect to max out visuals? How does the multiplayer aspect work on Onlive games? How good/bad is the latency while playing?

N4g_null3492d ago

Godmar doesn't understand the onlive concept?

The funny thing is if it does work nintendo would be the first to actualy get a boost from this tech.

Reggie does have a point. I only see this being available to the high end subscribers. I believe AT&t is rolling out a 15 meg connect for homes in certain areas.

If it does work the home consoles WOULD be on the same level as PC gaming and beyond. This would kill the need to upgrade at all yet it would keep you on a pay to play model much like the arcade.

This is a good and bad thing so console may still exist because people do like to have physical copies.

Sarcasm3492d ago

It's obviously about sales.

Since the Wii is selling millions, his idea is that it "Works."

If OnLive doesn't sell millions, his idea is that it doesn't "Work."


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Silverwolf3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I have to agree with the guy. Anyone who's played Halo or COD4 with a full server can attest for the amount of lag. Considering consoles do most of the work while the server just spits bytes back and forth. I can imagine a server not only runing the game but decompressing the video back to the gamer. Considering you'll also need a 5mps connection for HD games. I'll stick to consoles.....

TheRealSpy3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

and 5 megs is the minimum because you'll need to be able to maintain a steady stream. I think onlive would work really well in smaller countries where the infrastructure is built around fiber optics. but US infrastructure is copper and it's massive. i can't imagine streaming that much data continuously for hours and hours.
plus what about the ppl who have data limitations? i think comcast users gets 250 gig a month so that's plenty...but what about time warner? i know some places where time warner limits you to about 20 GB a month.
additionally. ppl do still love single player games. why on earth should i always have to make sure i'm connected to the internet to play em? and i don't know about the rest of you, but i like having hard copies. you can't trade digital distribution with your friends. you buy it, and it's yours only.

Darkiewonder3492d ago

I'm still waiting for a smooth game on SSBB.

MegaMohsi3492d ago

Reggie do us all a favor and STFU!

enviable273492d ago

I think he should be worrying about his own Console's lag Dragon Ball Z, SSBB??? Yeah reggie I dont think these work.

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