Call of Duty WaW DLC - Over 1 Million Downloads

GamersDigest writes;

"Armies of Call of Duty fans have heeded the call and responded with more than one million downloads of the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 from Activision Publishing, Inc. and developer Treyarch, during its first weekend of availability (March 19-22) on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network."

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Maxned3492d ago

Ass***** didnt bring it to wii. They could have at least put in some decent game modes.

doctorstrange3492d ago

so perhaps the dlc will come out

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chasegarcia3492d ago

That is a lot of loyal fans

dragunrising3492d ago

I am disappointed its not more. If more than 8 million people bought the game on PS3 and 360, the game should have much more than 1 million downloads. There is a good but short article on regarding DLC. In general there is a stigma that alienates people from buying it as they think it should be included for free.

IaMs123492d ago

Yes but take in consideration some do not play online. Ex. Halo 3 supposely sold 8 million copies but the most i have seen online at once was 300-400k people playing. Not even 1/8 of the purchase. Maybe towards it launch there was more but most people play it for single player or LAN, not everyone has LIVE or Broadban for PSN, a few of my friends dont.

NIGHT_HAWK32103492d ago

300-400k no other online game even comes close to that. (on consoles)

shelbygt333491d ago

I bought the CoD4 maps, but I played that game more than any other game ever on this generation. Outside of that, I do feel like some of these things should have been included on the original disc, especially if the DLC is released very quickly after launch. But on the flipside, my pocketbook doesn't let me buy all the DLC I'd like to have. If you add it all up, it's like spending 70+ bucks on a single game... yikes!

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SL1M DADDY3492d ago

If it were not for that mode I would have dropped that game off in trade already. That new zombie level is absolutely sick.

Anon19743492d ago

I loved the old zombie level and I was certainly wanting more. I didn't read about this update previous to it's release so I was pleasantly surprised by the new zombie level. Good stuff!

Slinger4203492d ago

Good for Treyarch. Everyone was hating on them before this game came out, myself included. Here they are showing great support for the game they made with good quality DLC. Great Job Treyarch, keep the zombie and multiplayer maps coming!!

Anon19743492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Who wants more WWII? Oh, what on earth are they thinking! No one will ever buy this game! Biggest mistake ever!

I have to admit, after COD3, which I just thought was OK, I didn't even know if I'd pick this one up. I'm glad I did.

Edit: Speak of the devil! There's one now! TwistedMetal right beneath us. Sorry, dude. COD-WAW is a good game. You're firmly in the minority with that opinion.

yz2503492d ago

dunno why slinger has only a couple of bubbles. here's one

darkride- dude you do the same thing everyday. you come into threads concerning microsoft and or 360 and go off-topic to bash them. sorry dude i call em' like i see em'

Anon19743491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

There's no 360 bashing going on here. Earlier on I wondered how well the DLC for the Lost and the Damned was doing. We're talking DLC here so that's hardly off topic. Treyarch is releasing their DLC numbers, why isn't Take Two?
Now sure, if there was an article about "Why isn't Take Two releasing L&D numbers?" it would be more appropriate there, but there isn't. This article made me curious about the contrast.

If you want to somehow make this about the 360, knock yourself out. Personally, I find it a little suspicious that that Treyarch has no problem releasing this info yet Take Two isn't saying anything - and that was a high profile release. If it was doing as well as they had hoped, wouldn't you think they'd be praising it with actual numbers?

I swear to god, some people check under their beds at night because of the "Sony Fanboy" menace. All I see is gamers talking about their hobby.

yz2503491d ago

i could say the same thing for killzone 2 numbers....why won't sony release those? fact is this is about cod waw dlc sells not gta 4's. but i can assure you the numbers for that dlc are prolly quite good.

as far as a sony fanboy under my bed...umm no. you act like i'm the only one that has pointed out how you "act" on here, and that is simply not true. me and a few others have called out your comments before.

fact is this thread has nothing to do with gta, but rather it has to do with cod dlc sells, so yes you we're off-topic. you we're just scheming and insuating that microsoft's numbers are BS. hope you and the others really don't think that only micosoft "pad" their numbers...if so you guys have no idea.

anyways have a good one

Anon19743491d ago

On the contrary, I think Microsoft and the publishers themselves are the only authority you should consider the final word on sales data. I've stated that before.

And you're right. You're not the first person to call out my comments and try to label me a Sony Fanboy. Sometimes I'm labeled a 360 fanboy as well but the only consistent thing is those doing the labeling never bother addressing issues I've raised. I then answer back, backing up my views or further illustrating my points and no one bothers to offer a counter argument. It's usually pretty one sided.

I've already addressed your comment about this being off topic above. You've ignored that. We're talking about DLC here in an article about DLC. Treyarch released info on their DLC despite it not even being a month yet. Take Two has refused to do so. Seems a little odd to me.

As for Sony not releasing Killzone 2 sales thus far- when has Sony ever released sales stats on a single game a month in, or even a year in? The PR guys usually comment on things like NPD sales - but you never see Sony release individual sales numbers for software.
Microsoft likes to do this all the time. It's part of their whole PR shtick to crow about sales numbers which is why it's very telling to me that MS is not providing numbers regarding the Lost and the Damned.

I could be off base on this and if I am I'll happily admit I was wrong but I just suspect that L&D isn't doing as well as they had predicted and Treyarch releasing download info on their DLC less then a month in is in sharp contrast to what we're seeing from Take Two.

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